RTL presenter Lola Weipert paints a slippery picture – and announces

RTL presenter Lola Weipert paints a slippery picture – and announces

Lola Weipert has started a new project again.Image: Lolavipert / Instagram

Lola Weipert is now not only active as a moderator, but is rapidly opening up new career paths. In the spring she launched her perfume “Power”, which immediately became a bestseller. Now the 26-year-old comes up with an announcement that is as cryptic as it is slippery. some fan is on instagram Guess what’s behind their new project straight away.

Lola Weipert posted a picture from her bed

On July 13, Lola released a new post saying: “I’m so excited, there’s something really big coming our way. Actually, it’s not big, it’s small and it’s too hot. What could it be?” She also provided a photo of herself lying on the bed in her underwear, with a short video above: Here she poses in front of a camera in black lingerie. However, the moderator’s chest and abdomen have been pixelated in the clip.

Although Lola Weipert did not directly specify what her next coup was about, the clues are already clear to many followers: After her perfume, she is going to launch her underwear collection soon. This tip can be found in at least several comments.

Lola later reported on her Instagram story and she had to admit that her fans had the right nose. “You guessed under my new picture within ten minutes what I’m going to release soon,” she said, impressed.

Lola Weipert: Fans joke about alleged pregnancy

By the way, there are some joke comments at the bottom of the post which are a . refer to pregnancy Lola’s “Speculation”. In fact, she encounters such rumors time and again and regularly participates in them. social media fun.

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Many followers also suspect that Lola may have dressed for “Playboy”, which is highly unlikely. In the past, she revealed that she had received requests from the magazine several times, but she had always turned them down.

But when it comes to his upcoming project, he should not let his followers stay in the dark for a long time. It remains to be seen if she manages to land the next bestseller straight away…


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