RTL presenter Lola Weipert shocks fans: “doesn’t fit together”

RTL presenter Lola Weipert shocks fans: "doesn't fit together"

Lola Weipert wants to move to New York – at least for a month.Image: lolavipert/Instagram

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At Lola Weppert, hardly a day goes by without news. RTL Presenter jets from job to job and still manages to get through Life To enjoy to the fullest – this is evidenced by his photos and clips instagram always clear. At the end of July, the 26-year-old went to New York for a few days – Later Germany She has returned with a big announcement that has left some of her followers confused.

Lola Weipert wants to move to New York

Apparently Lola Found Her Dream City in New York: This One Autumn She wants to move there, as she now reveals in a new post. ,i’m going to new york, We never know how long we can live in this world and time is our most precious commodity because our time in this world is limited and cannot be bought,” she wrote in a photo of her on a jet ski shows.

In the end, the presenter confirms his plans: “First a month to see how much I like it. It’ll be mid-September.” However, he needs the support of his followers for this project, as he has not yet found a place to live in the American metropolis: “If any apartment White, which is half as cheap, I would be incredibly grateful to you. I would hate to put 10,000 euros on the table for a month.”

Many Instagram users cheered for Lola in the comments, but also expressed criticism and confusion. For example, some users are wondering what will happen to “Lolaland” – Lola’s farm in the Berlin area, which it acquired only in 2021. Looking at your TV career in Germany, some questions also arise.

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Lola Weipert: RTL Presenter with Explanation

Lola takes a position on this under a follower’s comment and says: “‘Lolaland’ is being produced and my job is being expanded, of course I’ll take advantage of all the TV shows, I’m going to do it.” I won’t remember and it’s only a month!”

Lola Weipert received criticism for her latest announcement.

Lola Weipert received criticism for her latest announcement.Image: DPA / Gerald Matzka

However, this explanation may not reassure everyone, because if Lola has been around since mid-September United States of america And as Germany commutes, it certainly doesn’t bode well for the ecological footprint. “How dangerous is flying back and forth to the environment”, a writer rants accordingly. Another person says:

“As much as I’m angry with her… but what she always wants to tell us is the exact opposite. It’s funny.”

Lola Weipert regularly campaigns for vegan products and animal welfare on social networks, and contradictions in this regard are also noted. This user finds the words particularly obvious: “Above all, in no way does it go with veganism and animal welfare, atmosphere And what not, and then flying back and forth to the job. Great footprint on earth.”

In her Instagram Story, Lola finally gave more news. So she was asked: “Isn’t New York too big for you?” She even has a clear answer ready: “Nothing is too big for me!”


Lola Weipert’s career has taken off in recent months, with the moderator currently on the road almost non-stop — and letting her Instagram community share in her adventures. From time to time, the 26-year-old also addresses serious issues on her channel. For example, she keeps no secret from the fact that she didn’t always have the confidence that she has today.

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