RTL viewers turn against Poacher show – and draw poor comparisons

RTL viewers love the new Pocher show — and the poor comparisons

Viewers are having a tough time in the new season of “The King of Children’s Heads.”Image: RTL

In prime time on Tuesday, RTL launched a new season of “The King of the Children’s Heads”: This time again, three celebrities compete in different sports for the nerd crown. Comedian Chris Tall was indeed determined, but a leg operation made his participation impossible. jumped for him Oliver Pocher which was in the first season, but was not originally intended for the current round. The contestants were Guido Cantz and Martin Rutter.

However, it is already becoming clear that the format is having a tough time in the new endeavor. Critical comments increased on Tuesday evening social media, Charge: Lack of creativity and boredom.

Pocher & Co. bores RTL viewers

One moderates, the other two duel and swap positions in the next events – this is the concept behind the “King of the Grown-Ups”. As the title suggests, fools and messes should be welcome here, but the entertainment factor could have been higher, at least on Tuesday nights.

The show was already recorded in March, so it was not live, which clearly had a negative effect on this user. “Without boring, broken, and spontaneous situations,” is the disappointed verdict. In fact, there were many extraordinary scenes in the first season. For example, Chris Tall had to stop a game because of a fear of heights, the comedian also cried and had to be pacified by Oliver Poacher.

“King of Kids’ Heads” also reminded some users about the successful game show on ProSieben, but not in a positive way either. The “‘shlag den star’ comment ordered on Wish” sums up the mood on social media quite well.

This user goes even further and guesses: “Could it be that 95 percent of ‘The King of Children’s Heads’ got stolen from the ProSieben Show?”

Incidentally, another viewer speculated in a tweet on June 27 that RTL would be in trouble with the show, and spoke of a “ratings flop with an announcement”.

In the end, Martin Rutter got the show’s win of the day, which has thus created a good starting position for the editions to come. It remains to be seen whether Oliver Poacher catches on – or whether he gets left behind. In any case, one thing is certain when it comes to audiences: even big names like them don’t always guarantee the best television entertainment. However, it is also questionable whether the absence of Chris Toll is the only reason “King of Grown Ups” is disappointing.


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