Russian couple arrested on suspicion of espionage in Sweden

Russian couple arrested on suspicion of espionage in Sweden

suspicion of espionage
Russian couple arrested in Sweden

Her neighbors describe the two as “completely normal people”: More than 20 years ago, a couple immigrated from Russia to Sweden, where they are said to have spent nearly a decade spying for their country. had started Now the Swedish secret service takes both.

Swedish intelligence has arrested two men in the Stockholm region on suspicion of espionage, which media reports say are a Russian couple. The Secret Service said the two are suspected of conducting illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and another country.

In addition, the apartment was searched and a third person was questioned. According to court documents, prosecutors believe the spying began in January 2013. The public prosecutor’s office and the Secret Service did not provide any further details about those arrested and the countries that may have been spied on. According to the Secret Service, however, the investigation had been ongoing for “some time”.

The Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” reported that those arrested were a Russian couple. It immigrated to Sweden from Russia more than 20 years ago. Accordingly, the man should be suspected of espionage for collusion with Russia and his wife.

A neighbor told the newspaper, “These are normal people we greet from time to time.” Swedish authorities stressed that the arrests were “not related to other cases currently being processed by the intelligence services”. Only in the middle of the month the Swedish judiciary accused the two brothers of espionage on a large scale for Russia and its military intelligence service. The trial against him is scheduled to begin this week.

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