Sample Reading “Why Your Friends Have More Friends Than You”

Sample Reading "Why Your Friends Have More Friends Than You"

“So geometry is a very old thing. If there was a retirement home for sub-fields of mathematics, you could go to them there. Geometry deals with points, lines, circles, squares, and other spatial objects. As long as mathematics has been there.” and have been doing maths too.”

So let’s take your narrative thread again – and a little longer now:

“What mathematicians didn’t deal with until much later is coincidence. There are many reasons for this. Even the old Aristotle is partly responsible for this. More than 2000 years ago he had already declared that the reason for coincidence. The whole area cannot be traced, and that too on principle. What Aristotle said was so important that even in the Middle Ages his opinion was not doubted. What he said was true. Without an expiry date!

Now one could say: one should not have such a great authority to stop research for more than a millennium with a good proverb. and I agree.

Fortunately, a few centuries ago there were scientists who disagreed and tried to find out something about coincidences. So to consider whether chance also has any property or maybe even obeys the laws.

It seems very absurd at first, as most people see chance as something chaotic that is not guided by any guidelines, patterns, or rules. So it just appears to be irregular.

Some clever mathematicians suspected that this was not the case, that it was something entirely different. And indeed: even chance is not random, it also satisfies laws and has regularity. Actually some laws and rules. He is even ordered to some extent. Yes seriously!

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The first mathematical investigation of the laws of coincidence was done on the game of coincidence. That was real pioneering work. Intellectual feats. They happened in the 17th century. It began with several letters between two scholars Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) and Pierre de Fermat (1607–1665).

Their shared hobbies included taking difficult math problems back and forth and finding solutions. Then he discussed with them by letter. The solution to one of these problems was the introduction of the theory of coincidence based on mathematics. Today this assembly, which has since expanded greatly and is very powerful, is called the ‘probability theory’. And their start-up platform is the problem of divestment.

This mythical problem has puzzled many famous mathematicians, none of them ordinary mathematicians. Yes, there was talk of a fight between them regarding this matter. open dispute. Sometimes even mathematicians get into trouble. (That was then, remains so today. Added by author)

The problem of division can be traced back to the 15th century for a scholar by the name of Luca Pacioli (circa 1445 – circa 1514), the most famous arithmetical master of the Italian Renaissance. He made it.”

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