Savings Bank: Attention! This service will be discontinued soon

Savings Bank: Attention!  This service will be discontinued soon

Sparksey: Attention Customers! This popular service will be terminated soon

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of Phishing! That’s how you protect yourself!

Sparkasse, DHL and Amazon: Beware of Phishing! That’s how you protect yourself!

Billions of spam emails are sent around the world every day. Most of them are so called phishing emails.

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Online banking is used by customers of savings Bank more and more popular.

More than 60 percent and thus more than half of adults in Germany now use their bank’s digital service and control their transactions via smartphone or computer. But soon a change is coming for the customers savings Bank Whoever has it all.

Sparkasse: This service will be discontinued by the end of the year

Of course, financial institutions like Sparkasse attach great importance to security when it comes to online banking. Till now, many customers have used the so called SMS TAN process for transfer. The bank sent the transaction number to the smartphone via SMS, which the customer had to confirm. This was to prevent fraudsters from being able to withdraw money if they had obtained a customer’s password for the Sparkasse app.

+++ Sparksey: New Regulation! This will be asked by employees in future +++

As confirmed by the savings bank “Handelsblatt”, the service should end this year. From 30 September, banks can decide individually whether they want to continue using this process or discontinue it. But a few months ago this service was supposed to be discontinued.

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Despite the guaranteed security, there are major concerns regarding the security of the SMS TAN process. “TAN sent by SMS can in principle be intercepted by third parties. Also, if the cell phone is stolen, there is a possibility that the TAN process can be used quite easily,” explained Etruvia, the IT service provider with which the bank works.

The reason for the delay is “certain circumstances” for some customers who still rely on the mobile TAN process. This should primarily affect users of Huawei branded smartphones. “To give banks more time to move these customers, the shutdown has been pushed back to the end of September,” Atruvia said.

Sparksay: SMS-TAN will soon be a thing of the past in these banks too

There are currently around 600,000 registered with Etruvia who use the SMS TAN process. At the end of last year it was said to have 1.7 million users.

But not only in Sparksey, in Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, “according to”handlesblattControl through SMS-TAN will be over soon. In this way, all the financial institutions are coming together to ensure the safety of their bank customers in future.

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Instead of SMS-TAN, Sparkasse customers should do their banking transactions through “VR Secure-Go Plus” app. This should simplify online banking for smartphone users, as transfers, standing orders and the like can be controlled with one app and guarantee maximum security.

In one area, customers are faced with vastly different, violent changes – not all customers may like it. (read more here) (lim)

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