SAY …: “No public place for witnesses” – Freiburg

SAY ...: "No public place for witnesses" - Freiburg

BZ QUESTIONNAIRE is filled by Konrad Otto-Zimmerman, creative director of a studio for future-oriented cities.

Konrad Otto-Zimmerman is committed to sustainable mobility. The 70-year-old comes from Detold and studies urban planning and environmental planning in Hanover. This was followed by positions at the Federal Environment Agency in Berlin and in environmental planning for the city of Freiburg. Otto-Zimmerman was then the European Director and World Secretary General in the International Union of Cities for Sustainable Development for ten years. He is married, has three daughters and lives in Weihar.

With your daughters, you established a creative studio for sustainable mobility. what is your concern?
I want to give impulses, but do not engage in topics that are well addressed. I am particularly interested in the so-called fine dynamics, namely everything between the shoe and the car. Very few people know that there are 700 different types of vehicles in this small, flexible and environmentally friendly area.
How can it be improved?
With the world of experience, I call it EcoMobile. We …

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