Scarlett Johansson loses herself after giving birth to daughter

Scarlett Johansson loses herself after giving birth to daughter

Hollywood actresses are usually Scarlett Johansson (37) tells very little about her personal life. The 37-year-old never showed off her baby bump in her pregnancy. A few days ago, Johansson told Vanity Fair, “I wanted to let other people know my feelings about my changing body without how they perceived me as positive or negative.”

“Having kids is the biggest change in my life,” Scarlett insisted in an interview. For them, being a mother feels like a “new beginning.”

Although the actress also admitted that she herself after the birth of a daughter Meanwhile lost.

Scarlett Johansson: “It wasn’t until my daughter became more independent that I rediscovered myself”

After the birth of her daughter, this feeling of “a fresh start” took her a long time to reappear. “I was very much in that first phase where you’re still attached to your baby. And after that I went to work very quickly,” Johansson explained. acting And get the baby together immediately. Which in retrospect was a “lie” according to the actress.

Amidst all the work-life balance, Scarlett herself fell by the wayside, things got better as her daughter got older: “It wasn’t until my daughter was more independent than me, about two years old.” , that I rediscovered myself. I asked myself, ‘What is the most important thing in my life?'” She said, “I felt that the things I do and the decisions I make personally, To be taken consciously in a certain way and in a manner so that I do not think that life is getting better than me.”

Now, in her late 30s, she realizes to herself: “I hope that as I get older, I get to know myself better and I feel like it’s going to get along with my life.” -will be reflected in my life as well. My clothes to be reflected.”

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