Science: can find “rewriting the history of mankind”

Science: can find "rewriting the history of mankind"

Science: This 3000 year old discovery “can rewrite the history of mankind”

These are the 5 biggest myths in archeology

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Wow! This discovery of Science has it all!

Excavations in southwest China have found artifacts that testify to a highly developed civilization. Science Was previously unknown. As “The Sun” reports, they can have unforeseen consequences for human history.

Science: Over 500 items found

Excavations at the Sinxingdui site in Guangyuan (Sichuan), southwest China, have been underway since 2019. Meanwhile, researchers have found more than 500 different objects that are more than 3000 years old and were made from gold, bronze, jade and ivory.

One of the central finds is a gold mask that can be worn by priests during religious ceremonies.

The artifacts surpass all other objects of comparable age that have been found so far in China in terms of their quality and craftsmanship. Researchers believe they belong to a previously unknown, highly developed civilization. Now you can “rewrite human history.”

Science: Where did Chinese civilization come from?

Until now, Chinese historiography had assumed that their civilization came from the heart of the Shang dynasty. But breathtaking doubts now arouse suspicion.

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Zhong Yuan has long been considered the center of the world and the most progressive civilization in China. But new excavations suggest that the story may be more complex than previously thought.

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Xi Ginsong, deputy director of the Institute of Archeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told “Sun“:” We are more than a merger of different ancient cultures or civilizations.

Other locations in China, combined with the latest findings, already exist, indicating that the unknown civilization was not isolated, but with other regions.


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“Tree of Life” causes awe

Some archaeological objects such as the four-meter-high bronze “tree of life” had caused a long time of astonishment in science because they could not be assigned to previously known civilizations. It is now believed that they too belong to the mystical culture.

Another discovery that has suspended science for many years has now been identified. Here you can learn all about it.

Recently, a spectacular discovery in the sky made headlines. But science has a simple explanation for this. (Cm)

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