Science: Curious Findings in the Atlantic!

Science: Curious Findings in the Atlantic!

Science: Curious Findings in the Atlantic! Biologist Can’t Believe What He Sees on the Sea Floor

Science: Marine explorer made amazing discovery (symbol image)

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the Atlantic. Amazing find in the Atlantic! Oceanologist Christopher Month has discovered two organisms that Science To trouble.

He’s not only happy about the two sea creatures Science, they also resemble the two cartoon characters we all know.

Science: Two sea animals resemble famous cartoon characters

Oceanographer Maah made a strange discovery with the help of a deep-sea vehicle: Deep in the Atlantic, he found a yellow sponge and a pink starfish lying next to each other. It reports “Business Insider.” Two sea creatures immediately reminded the researcher of a cartoon series.

What’s the point of the Nickelodeon show “Spongebob SquarePants”! There are many adventures in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, the yellow sponge SpongeBob and his best friend – the pink starfish Patrick Star. Now it is clear: two friends exist not only in fiction, but also in real life.

Mah emphasizes that his discovery is very special, because the bright colors in which marine animals glow are very rare. There are over 8,500 types of sponges and very few of them can boast of the box shape and yellow color we know and love from the fictional character RPG. But the sponge specimen discovered by Mah comes very close to the cartoon version. It is the same with the bright pink starfish that was seen lying next to the sponge. The image of a “real” pair of friends went around the world.

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But the marine researcher pointed out that starfish actually like to eat sponges, so “business Insider“. In real life Patrick probably only intended to eat the sponge – not so in the cartoon. (lb)

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