Science: Divers discovered – now understand what!

Science: Divers discovered - now understand what!

Science: Divers make a surprising discovery in the sea – what is it clear now

Science: The mystery of a shipwreck is finally solved! (Symbol image)

Photo: IMAGO / OceanPhoto

Science Always attractive!

What Science It is often exciting to solve puzzles – even in this case: divers have made a mysterious discovery at sea. As per the report from our partner portal “”, it is now clear what it is!

Science: Shipwreck is a mystery

It is said that there are a total of 1,500 ships in the maritime areas around Germany alone. No one knows exactly how many there are. Last year, divers discovered a wreck at sea near Noorderni that initially surprised them. But now the puzzle is finally solved!

In September 2020, divers came across the coastal freighter at sea level. But the wreck was anything but well preserved. But it was still exciting.


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Science: Found ship was built in 1982

The divers wanted to find out what a cargo steamer is. It is now clear: hence the debris is the remains of the “Ossian”. It was built in 1982.

You can find more information about the exciting quest on “”. >>> Click here for the article. (Cf)

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