Science: Stonehenge more and more puzzling – new discoveries

Science: Stonehenge more and more puzzling - new discoveries

Science: Wonder Building Ever More Shocked – THAT Now Known About Stonehenge

These are the 5 biggest myths in archeology

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Most Germans associate something mysteriously with Stonehenge. for Science The place is special.

We shall Scientist Gained new knowledge about the miraculous structure of Stonehenge.

Science: Wonder building is getting more and more shocked

There are many myths surrounding the Stonehenge structure. Science Tries to clean it up. Apparently they still have a lot to do there. Because now Scientist Possessed a knowledge that further surprised Stonehenge.


Information about Stonehenge:


So it may be that the Stone Age monument stands elsewhere for centuries before it was erected near Amesbury, England.

Science: Did Stonehenge use a different location?

It is undisputed that the huge boulders known as megaliths at Stonehenge come from a mine in southwest Wales. In any case, the so-called flies were transported about 225 kilometers away as the crow flew.


More Science News:


According to scientists, traces have now been discovered in the vicinity of the mine that indicate a facility similar to the one that has been in English County Wilshire for nearly 5000 years. However, the stones were removed here.

The trench which once surrounded von Mowan’s stone enclosure is 110 meters and exactly matches the radius of the trench at Stonehenge. At the summer solstice both circles align with the sunrise.

Science: Researchers make new discoveries

Archaeologists have now discovered several former holes at the facility in Wales that sit precisely on the Stonehenge megalith – in one case even “like a key in a keyhole,” according to a scientist.

The date palm from the quarry also shows that Stonehenge’s boulders were broken centuries before the world famous monument was built – at the same time as the Von Mowe stone circle.

Geologist Herbert Thomas had been suspected about 100 years earlier that the megaliths of Stonehenge were part of the first sanctuary of Wales. Now this theory seems to be confirmed. “I’ve been researching Stonehenge for over 20 years and it’s really the most exciting thing we’ve ever found,” said Mike Parker Pearson of University College London – the leading archaeologist on the investigation. But one thing is certain: the puzzles around Stonehenge are not diminishing – and the work for science is not diminishing either. (gb with db)

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