Scotland: For the first time, a narrow majority in favor of remaining in Great Britain

Scotland: For the first time, a narrow majority in favor of remaining in Great Britain

Scotch’s men and women are unsure how their possible farewells could be Great britain Can be called. “Sesaxit” based on the Brexit model, “scooter” for “Scotchish out” or “neverendum” for a never ending referendum are not being traded too seriously on the internet as conditions for independence from the United Kingdom is.

In 2014, a narrow majority of residents disapproved of a detachment. Prime Minister of Scotland Nikola Sturgeon However, a second referendum is aimed at. Recently, the majority of Scots in the vote were in favor of the split, now the mood is changing, albeit very thinly: In a recent YouGov poll, 49 percent spoke in favor of Ā«Freedom of the Times, against 51 percent, As reported by the newspaper on Thursday.

London Rejected a new survey. The 2014 referendum was two years before the Brexit vote, argues Sturgeon. British exit from the European Union changed the conditions. 2016 was Scotland Voted explicitly to remain in the European Union.

Scandal Troubled Sturgeon

An absolute majority for the Scottish National Party SNP is expected in regional elections in Scotland. However, internal disputes are currently causing turmoil in the SNP. Boss Nicola Sturgeon is under increasing pressure due to her role in an abuse allegation scandal. Allegations of his former confidant Alex Salmond, who is at the center of the case: Sturgeon are said to have misused Parliament.

“The SNP cannot afford to lose many supporters,” poll researcher John Curtis of Strathclyde University told the Times. There are at least some supporters of the party who do not believe that Sturgeon is telling the surgeon the truth. However, the SNP episode is not the only reason for opponents of an independence referendum. For example, uncertainty during the epidemic also plays a part in the fact that some Scots do not want to vote on it again, at least this year.

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