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New Today: Season 6 of Chicago Made on Universal TV

Chicago Made (c) NBC

The German premiere of the sixth Chicago Med season takes place today on pay broadcaster Universal TV. In it, of course, the fight against coronaviruses is discussed, but the decisions of key personnel are also pending.

Today, on Monday, April 19, at 9.45 pm, the sixth season of Chicago Made will celebrate its German premiere on Universal TV. The entire Chicago franchise will air on home NBC until at least 2024.

All Chicago Med staff are adjusting to the new normal of the epidemic and facing a disturbing reality. Dr. Choi (Brian T.), dr. Lannick and April (Yaya Dacosta) are fighting the virus on the front line and Drs. Following the latest events, Charles is trying to clean the table with his daughter. In the second episode of the season, Goodwin reveals who will be the new head of the emergency department – a choice not everyone on the team is happy with. Dr. Meanwhile Manning stands up for a patient and has to bear the consequences.

Tahmina Sunny (Pandora) will appear for several episodes of the new season. She slips into the role of Dr. Sabina Virani. She oversees a medical study and is headed by Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) asked to lead the project.

Chicago Made – Season 1

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