Sensational video shows how a stream freezes in a flash

Sensational video shows how a stream freezes in a flash


December 30, 2021 – 7:44 pm Watch

The snowy weather phenomenon left the network spellbound

Cold weather in Canada and Heavy snowfall in the US state of California Germany could also use some of these chilly conditions. but in this country Winter just takes a break and likes warming records, Rivers in Canada seem to be freezing at a record-breaking speed. At least that’s what the picture of Shannon Falls in Squamish, British Columbia shows. But there is more to it than that.

In the video you can see how fast the snow depth has increased in California.

Canada Freeze: You Can See It at Shannon Falls

What is Frazil Ice?

The phenomenon seen in the video of the stream at Shannon Falls is called Frazil Ice. It is not the water that freezes here in an instant, but the needle-shaped ice crystals that froze together. They arise at the cooler air temperature around the waterfall due to the mixing of air with water. If enough of them flow with the flow of water, they will pool and this can create a kind of jam. A chain reaction begins. Water flows under the surface of ice crystals. The surface looks icy.

Frozen ice is also formed in the oceans. This is the first stage of sea ice formation. Ice floats and then a closed ice cover emerges from it.

Frazil Ice: Underwater Crystalline Beauty

Frazil Ice: Collection of loose, randomly oriented needle-shaped ice crystals in water.

© Getty Images / iStockphoto, Elena Kurkutova

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