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With the Synappx Collaboration Hub, Sharp seeks to reduce organizational effort and lead time for meetings. The new solution is the third module in the Synappx product family and is Sharp’s answer to the changing requirements for video collaboration. It is a platform that allows users to control meetings through their smartphones. The benefits, according to Sharp: Access to a variety of video conference systems, AV devices, and cloud storage services in one place.

everything in one place

Collaboration Hub is integrated into the Synappx Go app. All scheduled meetings are displayed in the forum. Meeting procedures and activities can be controlled through the user interface. The meeting starts with an NFC tag. If people join, Synappx automatically starts the appropriate platform for the web conference. The camera, microphone and speakers can also be controlled through the app. The archived presentation is shared directly on a display through the app. The meeting host can provide meeting invitations or access to essential documents stored in cloud storage.

One procedure for all meetings

With the new solution, Sharp wants to offer a uniform process for all meeting scenarios: Bring Your Own Meeting (BOOM), a hybrid meeting or meeting on PC in the meeting room. The uniform process should be contactless on your own smartphone. In this way, users should also be able to operate unfamiliar conference technology without technical difficulties. The aim is to eliminate time delays: according to Sharp, it took an average of twelve minutes before a meeting started. Collaboration Hub should now provide a consistent user experience and make meetings run more smoothly.

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