Ship reached port due to fire

Ship reached port due to fire

It was supposed to go to Egypt, but a ship with wood caught fire in the high seas. Now the cargo has reached the port of Gothenburg – and is still burning.

After days at sea with cargo on fire, a ship belonging to the Hamburg Shipping Company is in the port of the Swedish city. gothenburg has been brought. The Swedish Coast Guard said on Saturday morning, the wood-laden “Almirante storny” made it to the Scandia port of Gothenburg on its own from a previous anchorage off the western Swedish coast. According to recordings from the SVT radio station, among other things, the cargo was accompanied by the tug.

“Almirante Storny” is now at Quay 615, where the Municipal Rescue Service has taken responsibility for further extinguishing operations. According to his information, now the goods have to be brought by ship so that it is easy to reach the source of the fire.

“Charge still burns”

Everything went according to plan on Saturday, the Coast Guard said. “The photos we received from the police helicopter show that the cargo is still on fire. It’s time to put out the fire,” rescue director Mattias Henneborn said in a statement to officials.

The fire started last Saturday. Since then, many ships continuously worked with water cannons to extinguish the fire. According to the shipping company, the bulk carrier, which is about 177 meters long, was on its way to Alexandria, Egypt. The cause of the fire is not clear yet. No injuries have been reported so far.

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Before the cargo arrived in the port of Gothenburg, a spokesman for the Hamburg shipping company NSC announced upon request that all involved were now focusing on immediate tasks: securing further hot spots and placing the ship in a suitable location in Gothenburg. Bringing in port facility. The situation is under control.

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