Shock for former “Bachelor” candidate Danny Michalski: Cancer is back!

Shock for former "Bachelor" candidate Danny Michalski: Cancer is back!

After a long battle against the disease, the former “Bachelor” candidate and presenter has been in recovery since 2016. But now Danny Michalski has received a more devastating diagnosis: The cancer has returned.

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In RTL Show”the BachelorDanny Michalsky’s 2014 Bachelor’s Heart Tried Christian Tues Had to win, but in the end had to go home without a rose. Nevertheless, the model remained in the memory of many viewers, as Danny shared his tragic fate during filming. He was diagnosed with cancer three years before the show.

Tumors in the breast can be removed, with alternative methods the model managed to defeat the cancer even without chemotherapy. Five years after the operation, no further malignant tumors were detected, so Danny has been considered cured since 2016. But now the blow: The Breast Cancer came back.

“Now You Can Do It Again”

“This time I myself felt the tumor,” tells the teleshopping presenter “Build”. At first she did not want to admit it, thought: “Maybe it will go away again, maybe it’s just a swollen lymph node.” But two weeks later the situation was unchanged. When it was examined with ultrasound, it was found that it was a tumour.

Despite a disastrous diagnosis, the 45-year-old tries to remain confident. Her first thought was: “Now you can do it again.” But she also admits: “Of course, there are ups and downs, you have to cry sometimes, you have to let go, well—until you fall into this hole.”

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Danny made a conscious decision to make his battle against cancer public. “I take everything with me, everything, all the feelings, talk about it. Even as a form of self-healing for me. I don’t know yet where this journey is going, but eventually I Want to encourage other patients,” said. Moderator because she knows from her own experience: “If the psyche, the motif, remains positive and you say: ‘I can do this’, the chances of recovery are very high.”

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