Sicily’s most beautiful photo beach: Italian Musk’s famous rock formations offer

Sicily's most beautiful photo beach: Italian Musk's famous rock formations offer

Sicily’s most beautiful photo beach
Italian Musk offers famous rock formations

The Scala dei Turchi in Sicily is a popular destination for tourists, especially as influencers on Instagram often pose at the famous stone construction. A man now wants to sell the brilliant white rocks to American billionaire Elon Musk for “image reasons,” among other things.

A pensioner in Sicily stirred up by making provocative threats. The man may be looking to sell the tourist attraction Scala dei Turchi, a gleaming white rock on the southern coast of the Italian island, to American multi-billionaire Elon Musk. “We are putting it up for auction and are especially appealing to Elon Musk to buy it, protect it and make the best use of it,” Ferdinando Cybara told the newspaper “Corrire della Sera”,

Official investigations from years ago have shown that most of the major rock is that of a pensioner. So the Scala dei Turchi was passed on for generations. And until now it’s also open to the public: Every year, thousands of tourists and onlookers pose for a social media snapshot of white marl, a sedimentary reef, or.

A few summers ago, a tourist portal picked the most popular Instagram beaches: Scala dei Turchi in the province of Agrigento took first place in Italy. However, the popularity of the rock worries Cybara, who, according to his own statements, has tried several times to hand over the area to Pirandello’s administration. He said officials can better manage the flow of visitors, ensure safety and prevent rocks from collapsing under crowds. However, no concrete acquisition plans have been made so far.

So Tesla and soon-to-be boss of Twitter Elon Musk should step in, say the pensioner. How seriously the proposal was taken remained open. Of course, access should still be possible free of charge, Sciabara told “Corrire.” The man’s lawyer was immediately aware of how Musk might be using the rocks and the two dream beaches, for example for image reasons or for organizing fashion events. “Of course not to build a kiosk or a hotel on it,” he said.

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