Silent ‘triangular UFO’ seen in ‘surprisingly clear view’ over Canada

Silent 'triangular UFO' seen in 'surprisingly clear view' over Canada


A couple managed to capture a “triangular UFO”, which truth seekers have described as “surprisingly clear footage”.

The couple were out and about during sunset in Ontario, Canada when they saw a black triangle with white lights at each point and a big red light in the middle.

The man is heard saying, “It doesn’t look like an airplane from here. It looks like a triangle.”

To which his wife replies, “It’s a triangle with a red light in the middle.”

The mysterious plane appears to be moving across the sky as the woman tries to follow him in the clip, which was captured by screen truth seekers, who described the scene: “Wonderful! The cool low-altitude Tr-3B plane was filmed slowly cruising down the Ontario, Canada boardwalk.”

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A TR3B is a famous aircraft that UFO researchers say is said to be the first alien breeding vehicle secretly built by the military for space travel.

ET believers heaped comments on the video, praising the “clear” footage, believing it to be evidence of extraterrestrial visitors.

One user said: “This is a really clear shot of a UFO! You can see its distinctive shape in which all the lights are separated from each other, not just a sphere of light. Great footage, we need more of this.”

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Another added: “It just goes to show that being in the right place at the right time and looking up pays off. It was amazing footage even without the obvious zoom option. Thanks for sharing the brew! Nuff love!”

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A third wrote: “What an amazingly clear view! Thanks for sharing this.”

However, not everyone was so convinced, as some believed it was a man-made object, as one said: “Come on man. Just a drone.”

Another added: “Nice clean footage. US military technology.”

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