SIM Update 10 needs to work again, World Update 11 is Canada

SIM Update 10 needs to work again, World Update 11 is Canada

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The flight simulator developer livestream had shocking news. So the release of SIM Update 10 has to be postponed. With Canada, the eleventh world update has now been confirmed.

It could have been predicted in advance that Microsoft and Asobo would not be able to meet the planned release of Sim Update 10 for Flight Simulator. A lot of problems have been reported by users who are allowed to fly in the beta program. Now Microsoft is responding.

sim update 10 after at least two weeks

SIM Update 10 should actually be released next week, more precisely on August 23rd. However, it was decided too soon that the patch for the flight simulator engine could not appear as planned. According to Microsoft, a lot of performance and stability issues have surfaced over the past few weeks. Up to 30,000 beta testers have provided valuable information and recently requested in official forums that SIM Update 10 cannot be published in this form. Microsoft confirms this requirement in stream,

Stream talks about planning for at least two more weeks for all aircraft to make the game stable and high-performance. In the official roadmap, the SU10 is now in mid-September. Performance under DX11 and DX12 is currently problematic. In both cases, there were optimizations for memory management at the beginning of the beta phase, which provided better performance in internal tests. However, as more and more players were in beta, more and more problems arose. They are currently working with Nvidia to resolve the problems with Direct X 12. Optimizations had to be removed with a heavy heart in the first beta builds as they caused artifacts. Nvidia is working on a driver fix that requires Asobo to re-enable optimization. They are also working together on blurring the glass display in the cockpit in conjunction with DLSS, but there won’t be a solution for the SU10 just yet.

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world update 11 is confirmed

As per the plan, World Update 11 will be released on September 27 along with SIM Update 10 in September. After America, now it is Canada’s turn. Not much has been said about the exact content of the Canada Content Update, but in addition to the five manually reworked airports, there are a total of 89 points of interest, 12 cities that were remapped via photogrammetry. as well as other landing challenges, bush trips and search flights. It is not yet clear how things will pan out in the last quarter of the year.

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