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It is now 20 years since the Evangelical Lutheran Parish in AU laid the foundation stone for its community center. A building that has opened up new opportunities for the growing community over the past two decades.

“The building was built because the parish has grown because of immigration,” explains Pastor Sophie Schuster, pastor. Meanwhile the number of members has grown to around 1500 with believers from the villages of Au, Nandlstadt, Ettenkirchen, Rüdelzhausen, Oberppersdorf, Thalheim and Wolfersdorf belonging to the community. “The large number of municipalities and the diversity associated with them characterizes our municipality,” Schuster proudly reports. The desire to take an active part in church services and community life is high.

She enthusiastically recalls the services of the church, which have gained their personal touch through the participation and musical support of various parishioners. “Without the creation of the Community Center, these large church services and the support of individual members would not have been possible,” Schuster said. Although Christ Church, built in 1963 next to the community center with about 50 seats, offers a very special attraction that everyone appreciates, it is usually not large enough for community gatherings.

On the other hand the community center with a parish office, youth group room, community hall, kitchen and group room, thanks to its premises provides the ideal opportunity to meet the diverse life in the community. Whether it’s confirmation and Christmas services or large events like concerts, church cinema and gymnastics — the community center can serve any occasion, emphasizes Schuster.

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Especially after the pandemic, which has also restricted community life, Sophie Schuster is even more looking forward to what is to come. “Luckily, services can now happen again,” she says. The focus was on good worldwide cooperation in times of pandemic: “United children’s services, joint prayers, these have been our highlights over the past few months, apart from weekly church services.”

Now the next attraction is near: Sunday, September 19, the Protestant Community Center will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the foundation stone laying. A communal banquet was planned for the occasion. However, what Pastor Schuster is most looking forward to is a small reception, after which parishioners have the opportunity to exchange views again after months of the pandemic.

This dialogue within the community should now also show the way for the future: “I hope that we continue to fill this building with life, that different people can come and go and have good encounters and experiences from the building.” Will be connected,” so hope pastor.

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