Smart charger with 120 watts: The tiny Anker 737 fills up even the big notebook

Smart charger with 120 watts: The tiny Anker 737 fills up even the big notebook

120 watt smart charger
The smaller Anker 737 fuels even the bigger notebook

by Klaus Wedekind

The Anker 737 is a compact three-port charger designed to quickly and efficiently charge almost any mobile device with optimum performance. tested whether the power supply fulfilled the manufacturer’s promise.

that the EU USB-C to fixed standard connection Reducing e-waste is basically a good thing for smartphones and many other devices. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be many different power supplies anymore. For example, devices like laptops require more charging power than smartphones, and the charging speed also depends on various parameters. None of this should be a problem for the Anker 737, with sophisticated technology it should be the universal power supply for almost all mobile devices.

compact and high quality

The Anker 737 isn’t as small as an ordinary smartphone charger, but at 43×35.3×80 millimeters it is significantly more compact than, for example, a MacBook’s power supply. According to the manufacturer, it’s at least 39 percent smaller than Apple’s classic 96-watt power supply. The Anker 737 is by no means lighter at 203 grams. But since it is usually kept not in a jacket pocket, but in a backpack or suitcase, it does not matter.

The workmanship is of very high quality and the charger looks extremely solid. The power supply also looks good. This is mainly due to the shiny metal front with a ribbed border, light blue colored connection elements. There are two USB-C outputs and one USB-A socket available.

100 watt max power

If in doubt, always connect a notebook to the top slot.

(Photo: KVE)

Anker 737’s performance is more important than beautiful details. It provides up to 120 watts total. This means that when multiple devices are connected the power is distributed across the socket. A maximum of 100 watts is possible if one of the two USB-C outputs is captured and a high quality cable is used. It can be used to power most current notebooks, including the current MacBook Pro with 16-inch displays. If both USB-C ports are used, they share 120 watts, with the USB-A socket delivering a maximum of 22.5 watts.

You have to be careful if you want to connect one device to the USB-C output and the other to the USB-A slot. Only the upper USB-C socket marked with the laptop symbol can deliver up to 100 watts, with other combinations only possible 24 watts.

High efficiency with gallium nitride


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to offer

Despite its high performance, the charger’s compact design is made possible by, among other things, transistors based on gallium nitride (GaN), which Anker has been using since 2018. It can withstand higher voltages and temperatures than commonly used silicon. This also means that GaN chargers are much more efficient, that is, more energy-efficient. According to Anker, they convert up to 95 percent of the energy they absorb.

The power delivered by an outlet does not mean that an appliance will completely absorb it. To transmit optimally, the Anker 737’s electronics communicate with connected devices and adjust the display accordingly. If there are multiple recipients, it distributes them dynamically.

Faster than standard MacBook power adapter

In testing, this meant that various smartphones typically charged as quickly as the manufacturer’s power adapters on the USB-C port; The MacBook Pro 13 (2016) was refilled faster than the original 61-watt charger. As expected, USB-A output speeds were sometimes slow when manufacturers supplied power to their devices with more than 25 watts.

Originally, loading times were consistently fast, and perhaps more important than setting a speed record, the Anker 737 always kept an eye on the temperature so that neither the power supply nor connected devices could become dangerously hot.

very good but still expensive

Ultimately, the Anker 737 delivers on the promise made by the manufacturer. It can usually replace all other USB power adapters while working quickly and safely. The compact device is a valuable companion, especially when traveling, but it can also provide more free sockets at home.

Unfortunately, GaN power supplies are still a bit expensive at 95 Euros. Interested parties can wait for the manufacturer’s promotion or grab the Anker 735, which has a total output of 65 watts and is available for 70 euros.

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