Sonja Zietlow speaks honestly about “Jungle Camp” -Aus

Sonja Zietlow speaks honestly about "Jungle Camp" -Aus

Sonja Zitlow from 2004 Cult Show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” are operating.Image: TVNOW/STEPHEN GREGOROVIS/-

Jungle Camp

For the 16th season, presenter Sonja Zietlo will present her side with another man. Jungle Camp moderate. At the beginning of the year, his collaborator Daniel Hartwich announced that he wanted to part ways with The Cult Show. The reason for the show-off is family reasons. With Sonja Zitlo, 43, from 2013 on “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” are leading.

Rumor has it that comedian Chris Tall is to follow in the footsteps of the RTL moderator – but there is no official statement from the broadcaster yet. However, the fact remains that the decision about Hartwich’s successor is not only up to RTL – As a definite constant of jungle camp, Sonja Zitlo would also like to have a say.

Sonja Zitlow Made High Demands From Her Co-Operator

The 54-year-old has been piloting Jungle Camp since it first aired in 2004—at that time also with Dirk Bach. With her jokes and her teasing sides, it’s hard to imagine an Australian wilderness without her. but with fan To be able to enjoy its easy mode, RTL needs to find the right host by its side.

“Of course there’s a lot to be fit,” Zitlow said at once. Interview RTL further revealed with “Exclusive” that she could imagine quitting her job at Jungle Camp if she wasn’t satisfied with Daniel Hartwich’s successor. “I just said that if it didn’t fit at all, I wouldn’t do it anymore.”

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Presenter wants a team player

For a coworker to meet his needs, he must not only think of himself, but must be able to work well together. “Because I know the job and you can’t be so insanely self-centered,” she revealed in an RTL interview. “And you have to be a team player, that’s very important.”


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