Sony’s camera sensor for smartphones is now called Lytia

Sony's camera sensor for smartphones is now called Lytia

With less hype, Sony has rebranded its smartphone-made Imagineers: Litia. According to the group, the word made is derived from the astronomical name of the constellation of Lyrae (Lyra) and is pronounced in the first syllable as “light”.

There’s pure marketing behind it, like a message From Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the semiconductor division of Sony. According to the company, many smartphones have Sony’s sensors, but its information is not known. The new brand aims to change that. In the same way, the enthusiasm for taking pictures with a cell phone also hits the mark. image video on youtube To Litia.

Sony is yet to announce any new product under the new brand. There’s also no indication that the model numbers will change: they continue to start with the initial IMX. However, the product page for all the sensors already under the Lytia brand shows extensive animations. CMOS converters are installed not only in many smartphones, including the current iPhone 14, but also in many large cameras such as those from Hasselblad, Pentax or Nikon. A comprehensive list under the umbrella of Sony’s Exmor brand for its CMOS sensors wikipedia shows,

Sony has yet to announce stickers for PC CPUs on devices like “Intel Inside”. This is also likely to be difficult to implement, as smartphone makers like to keep secret which components they buy are in their devices. The processor cores in SoCs often vary regionally with the same model number, such as in Samsung cell phones. This also makes sense, as the cameras that are constantly improving in smartphones also attribute their performance to a lot of software developed by mobile phone makers.

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