Sparkling Look With Affleck Ex Ana de Armas: Brad Pitt in a Flirty Mood | Entertainment

Sparkling Look With Affleck Ex Ana de Armas: Brad Pitt in a Flirty Mood |  Entertainment

Affleck Looks Sparkling With Ex Ana De Armaso ,

Brad Pitt in a flirtatious mood

Looks say more than a thousand words…

Brad Pitt (58) is once again seen in a flirty mood. On the red carpet for the premiere of “Blonde,” she not only exchanged sartorial looks with Ben Affleck’s (50) ex Ana de Armas (34), but also made him laugh with a sweet gesture.

Beautiful views on the red carpet. actor brad pittOne of the producers of the drama film Blonde, and the flick’s Spanish lead, appeared to be living the time of his life in a ’50s fitting in a black suit and salmon pink dress at the 79th Venice International Film Festival. ,

In front of the assembled crowd, Brad began to applaud Ana de Armas. He looked uncomfortable at first, he put his hand on his mouth in surprise, but then started laughing openly. Meaningful looks were exchanged time and again between the two.

And you could see: there was a lot of hoarseness!

Brad Pitt’s sweet gesture: Ana de Armas laughs at the actor’s applause

Photo: Getty Images for Netflix

A heartfelt gesture from Pitt, as the actress faced some criticism when it was revealed that the brunette Spaniard would play blonde style icon Marilyn Monroe. That’s what movie drama is about – even if it’s fictional.

The overlap of Marilyn’s real life was already recorded in Joyce Carol Oates’ book “Blonde”. And that’s what the bar is based on.

What did Brad Pitt see?

What did Brad Pitt see?

Photo: Getty Images

... what did Ana de Armas see ...

… what did Ana de Armas see …

Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP

Ana de Armas himself gave, loudly “Daily Mail” Admitted not knowing Marilyn Monroe and her movies. She only moved to Los Angeles in 2014, learning the language a year later and so does her accent. He got a bullshit storm on Twitter for exactly that. Plus she doesn’t look like the style icon of the 50s at all.

Brad at least seems to be happy with the decision. And who knows… He finally met his ex Angelina Jolie (47) on the sets of the film.

.. what we saw

… what we saw

Photo: Andreas Solaro/AFP

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