Sparksey customers watch! Beware of new scams

Sparksey customers watch!  Beware of new scams

Some Sparkasse customers are currently affected by a scam.

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Fraudsters Are Currently Trying to Gain Access to Sparkasse Customers’ Data With a Shameless Scam: What You Can Do About It

Kassel – Been around for a few months Dangerous SMS in which the recipient allegedly received a package Stay informed. Behind this, however, is a scam that aims to trick users into installing malware on their smartphones.

Similarly, scammers are currently trying to access sensitive data. savings Bank– Customers arrive. Anyone receiving the SMS is asked to click on a link, which in turn triggers the installation of malware.

Sparkasse: Customers receive fraudulent SMS – scams often work the same way

As consumer portal reports, a potential scam SMS could look like this: “Dear Sparkasse Customer, Your TAN process is over! Please renew your TAN process.” In addition, a link is attached that Sparcus’ alleged customers should click to give fraudsters access to personal data. This is often done using a camouflage app or registration process that victims fail to identify as fraud.

Since such messages can be adapted quickly and people often fall for this type of scam, it is quite possible that customers of other banks will also be affected in the future. Basically, this scam always works the same way: a problem is described in a message, however, it should be able to be solved in a simple way. This is followed by a call for registration or installation of malware. Both should be avoided as much as possible.

Affected Sparkasse customers should simply ignore SMS

Fortunately, Sparkasse customers can protect themselves relatively easily in this matter: if someone unexpectedly receives an SMS of this type, it should in principle be ignored. Because it is very unlikely that a bank will contact its own customers through SMS regarding personal data, missed payments or similar matters.

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If a notification still seems serious, in case of doubt it is best to contact the bank and inquire. So at least there is a guarantee that you will not fall prey to any scam. (nail akkyun)

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