Sports and the locker room debate: Johnson against equal rights for trans women

Sports and the locker room debate: Johnson against equal rights for trans women

Debate about games and changing rooms
Johnson against equal rights for trans women

Should trans women be able to compete as women? British Prime Minister says: No. Biologically male people should also be denied access to changing rooms or to the female wing in hospitals, Johnson says. There is a heated debate on this subject in the state.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken out against equal treatment for trans women and women in public life. “I don’t think biologically male people should be competing in women’s sports tournaments,” Johnson said while visiting a hospital in a small town north of London. He added: “Maybe it’s a controversial thing, but I think it’s fair.” He also believes that women should have a place for themselves, Johnson continued. He cited hospitals, prisons and changing rooms as examples.

He stressed that this does not mean that he does not have extreme sympathy for those who want to change their gender. “It is important that we give maximum love and support to the people to take this decision,” the PM said. However, these are complex problems that cannot be easily solved.

Women athletes sought scientific evidence

The statement comes days after a transgender British track cyclist was banned from competing in the UK by her sport’s international governing body. Emily Bridges, 21, began hormone therapy last year and was pushed to attend by her British FA. The matter sparked debate in Britain.

The BBC reported that a group of elite female cyclists had previously written a letter threatening a boycott and calling for the current transgender rules to be repealed, unless the federation can “prove strong scientific evidence that the rules are governed by female athletes.” To ensure fairness.” Low testosterone levels alone are not enough to prevent male gains in exercise.

The disqualified trans woman Bridges wrote in a statement that she felt “troubled and monstrous” and said she simply wanted to get back to racing. According to the BBC, British advocacy group Stonewall complained about the widespread exclusion of trans people, which is always unfair. There are still no scientific findings in this complex area.

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