Sports in the district: a new edition is planned for 2022

Sports in the district: a new edition is planned for 2022

For nine weeks, TC 69 offered the first free and comprehensive program “Sports in the District”. The balance is very positive.

they offered for about nine weeks TC 69 Free and comprehensive program for the first time “Game in the District” Feather. The project was done in collaboration with Gymnastics Federation Osterfeld, till OTV, till tv jhanvi And this City Sports Association developed and implemented. For more than a year, clubs and amateur athletes have had to abandon most activities due to the pandemic. Thanks to progressive vaccinations, reduced number of infections and hygiene concepts, sporting activities can happen again this summer with many more people in the halls.

TC69 took this as an opportunity to start a remarkable project: “Sports in the District” set the goal of providing classic, but also exotic sports courses completely free of charge to all age groups over a period of two months. Is.

Strong Response: 1645 Participants

Heike Weller, president of TC69, sets the curriculum up for repetition: “I’m incredibly proud of my volunteer trainers. This massive program was set up in just three weeks and implemented tirelessly over nine weeks by our instructors. Respect and many thanks to all the trainers. The response from 1645 participants was so positive that we will be back in 2022 with a wider range of offers.”

In a total of 39 courses over 64 days, interested people were able to try out nearly the full spectrum of TC 69 with various rehabilitation offerings, including American football, diving, basketball, athletics, tennis or canoeing courses, but still unknown sports such as kinking. -Learn the ball or laser run.

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TC 69’s kin-ball department wants to build a youth team

In kin-ball, a cooperative sport that originated in Canada, three teams play on a half-handball field with an oversized ball that is 1.22 meters in diameter and weighs about a kilogram. This Canadian game is being played in TC Starcrad 1869 since 2018. Initially it was just a project that originated from the teacher game of the comprehensive school Osterfeld, but the first successes quickly began to appear. The team grew and participation in the Kin-Ball Bundesliga took place immediately. In the premiere season, crowning glory: the title of German Kin-Ball Master 2019.

After a long lockdown and immobility, TC 69’s kin-ball department would like to build a youth team. For this reason, we are looking for girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 15 who want to try a new, innovative and cooperative team sport. Training will always take place on Fridays (5 pm to 6.30 pm) in the sports hall of the Comprehensive School in Osterfeld. Interested parties may contact trainer Artur God at the following email address: [email protected]

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