Sports News: Swiss Curler also defeated Canada in World Cup

Sports News: Swiss Curler also defeated Canada in World Cup

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Swiss curlers beat Canada at World Cup +++ Luthy Falls, Dupesquire score

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Second Swiss exploitation in the World Curling Championship

Swiss Curlerne A skip Peter From Cruise Is on World Championship in Calgary Another coup was successful. Geneva win against Canadian champions and first World Cup favorites around the skip Brendan Butler 6: 4 after extra expiration.

The Swiss have four wins after 4 of the 13 round robin games and have already played against two top favorites. He initially defeated defending champion Sweden (Nickless Edin). (Abu / Sada)

Luthy fell into a hopeless situation

Tom Luthie She lives in Queue A second GP weekend to forget. in Grand Prix von Doha A 34-year-old man from Berne falls on his lap eight laps before the end. However, at the time he was in 21st place, out of the World Cup points. On the same circuit as the season opener a week earlier, the Brit, who started from pole position, won the race Sam LowesBefore the australian again Remy Gardner.

in Moto 3 Trick Jason Dupesquire Also in the top 12 in the second race of the season. After finishing 10th a week ago, the 19-year-old KTM rider is 11th in the Doha GP and is taking World Championship points for the second time in his career. (Abu / Sada)

Ruth Chepgateich beat world record

The kenyan Mercy Cheungtich Istanbul improved on Sunday Half marathon world record About 30 second. The marathon world champion completed 21.0975 km in 1:04:02 hours. for comparison: Fabien Smurf In March, Dresden landed the Swiss record at 1:08:27.

All podium runners in Istanbul reached the finish line within 1 hour 5 minutes. 26-year-old Chepgateich defeated Ethiopian Ylmezer Yehulawa (1:04:40) and Kenyan Bright Oberi (1:04:51). (Abu / Sada)

GC receives bad bankruptcy

Grasshopper One of the promotion races in the Challenge League Violent home defeat Planted. Gc lost Against Neuchâtel Xamax 1: 4. Luis Muffouta Neuchtel scored the first three goals and was certainly the big figure.

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Of First stalker Wills were beaten 3–1, with Stade Lausanne – Ausi equaling SC Creans 1–1 in the 93rd minute. Chiaso brings back Won a 1-0 win against Winterthur and Areau caught up with FC Scheffhausen. Thanks to a 1-0 home win, both teams now have the same points and still hold their place at Barrage 2. Minutes before the break Donut Rudrani scored the winning goal from the penalty point. (RAM)

Barty defended the title in Miami

Number one in the world Ashley Barty In the last event so far, like 2019, WTA 1000 tournament in Miami Won. In the final, the 24-year-old Australian defeated the world No 9 Bianca Andriscu From Canada, who had to give up when the score was 3: 6, 0: 4.

Opposite the men’s field The women’s tableau was first class in Miami. Only Serena Williams was missing from the top 20 in the WTA rankings. (Ram / Sada)

Swiss curler with a great start to the World Cup

Skip the Swiss curler around Peter D’Cruz Has successfully entered the World Cup in Calgary, Canada. They First defending champions beat Sweden 8: 7 After additional endings and confirmed this success with a safe 8: 5 win against Germany. (Ram / Sada)

Submit clotons and langnthals

in Swiss League Semifinals The qualifying winner is EHC Cloten Started off with a convincing home win. «Flieger» Defeat EHC Olten 6: 2, Guests can only stay for one third. It was successful in the second semi-final series Sc langenthal Is the same Stunning 5: 4 away win in HC Ajoie. Stephen Sachanan was the winner of Langenthal’s match.

Cloten – Olten 6: 2 (4: 2, 1: 0, 1: 0)
1 watcher. – SR Eichmann / Studenmann, Pittan / Dreyfus.
tore off: 4. (3:48) Player (Oejdmark, Meyer / Powerplaytor) 1: 0. 5. (4:43) Nelson (Noon, Luthie / Powerplatter) 1: 1. 6. (5:13) Figures 2: 1. 10. Hornski (Shirajave, Nelson / Powerplatter) 2: 2. 19. (18:38) Meyer (player) 3: 2. 20. (19:36) Back (forget, fail) 4: 2. 32. Leon 5: 2. 47. Failure (forget, Nailwolf / Powerplatter) 6: 2.
Punish: 5 times 2 plus 10 minutes (fuglister) against Cloten, 4 times 2 plus 2 times 10 minutes (Ohen, Weisskopf) against Alten.

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Ajoie – Langenthal 4: 5 (1: 3, 2: 1, 1: 1)
0 viewers. – SR Strobel / Müller, Bachelell / Amman.
tore off: 1. (0:22) Schmutz (Hazen, Devos) 1: 0. 6. Sachanan (Kunze, Torquato) 1: 1. 10. Kummer (Yves Müller) 1: 2. 13. Sachanan (Akash, Higgins) 1: 3. 23. Freed (Schneig, Frustard) 2: 3. 33. Elo (Coomer, Busser) 2: 4. 40. (39:59) Free (Devos, Pauli) 3: 4. 52. Kung (Sachanan, Torquato) 3: 5. 59. Ruiler (Davos, Schmutz / Powerplatter) 4: 5.
Punish: 5 times 2 minutes against Ajoi, 4 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Pienitz) plus playing time (Pienitz) against Langenthal. (Ram / Sada)

Sloe-Luthy only in 21st position

Tom luthy In qualifying for the second Moto 2 race of the season in Qatar, things got worse a week ago. A 34-year-old man from Bern missed Q2 and starting Only from position 21 In the second race on the LaSalle International Circuit. It would be easy to improve from the season opener to 15th place.

In Moto 3, Friborg showed Jason dupesquire A strong qualification and XI. Since the two drivers placed in front of him have to start from the pit lane, Goes 19 year old Finished ninth in the race. (Ram / Sada)

Schlumpf runs Swiss record

Fabien Smurf Runs right on her marathon premiere Swiss Record. 30-year-old Zurich ends run at Bellap Inn 2:26:14 hours. The European Championship runners-up at Steeple and Cross improved Meja Neurenschwander’s national record by a little more than half a minute. The real goal is that Qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo Schlumpf managed with confidence. “Now is the time to recover. In May I will go to St. Mauritz’s training camp and begin preparations for my second marathon.

Adrian lehman Narrowly missed his lofty goal. LV Langenthal’s Runner Olympic limit missed 2:11:30 pm Around a minute. But he reduced his personal best by two and a half minutes to 2:12:34. Disappointment about the missed ticket to Tokyo was limited: “It started much faster than I had planned. That shot could have been backfire But I was feeling fine and wanted to give everything to realize the best possible time. Now I am very happy, ”said Lehman. (Ram / Sada)

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Capella again with a strong performance

With the atlanta hawks Clint chapel Finished their series of eight away games with a 126–103 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. The Geneva man once again performed brilliantly: 14 punctates, 10 rebounds, 6 assist.

Against the Pelicans, who competed without Zion James – the most promising talent since LeBron James according to experts – the Hawks were forced to make the decision in the third quarter. She won the section with 39:25 points and entered the final leg with a comfortable 15-point cushion. (Sada)

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