sporty through the winter

sporty through the winter

Why is exercise so important for health in winter?

Winter time is cold time. The constant change between cold outside temperatures and dry hot air makes things difficult for the immune system. Sports activity effectively strengthens the immune system, making flu-like infections less frequent. In addition, regular exercise has been shown to help mood drops, The dreadful winter blues can be avoided through sports, as the hormones of happiness are released during sports. This effect is amplified when you are active outside. Sunlight increases the body’s production of vitamin D. Vitamin D brightens the mood and is also for maintaining healthy bones essential.

How can I be sporty in winter?

As already mentioned, physical activity in the fresh air during the winter months is extremely health promoting. Still, one certainly doesn’t have to go jogging in a snowstorm and icy hail. There are many opportunities to do sports both indoors and outdoors. For example, membership in a gym or sports club can be imagined. With many providers only the winter is likely to enter for half the year. A completely weather-independent and combined-gentle option is swimming.

Also, the cold weather provides an opportunity to try out various winter sports. For example, what about skiing, snowboarding or ice skating? Of course, tobogganing (with or without kids) is also part of the game balance. Hiking through the snowy forests brings body and soul into harmony.

If you can’t motivate yourself to exercise in the winter months or when the weather is bad, set up your own personal gym at home. This succeeds, for example, with miscellaneous Maxxus Cardio Machine,

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3 Tips for Sports in Winter: What to Pay Attention to?

In order to play sports safely in winter, there are certain rules of conduct that must be followed to reduce the risk of injury. We’ve summarized the three most important tips below:

1. The Right Clothes

If you go for jogging or hiking outside in winter, you should definitely make sure that you have sturdy and water-repellent shoes. Non-slip soles prevent accidents. As far as fabrics are concerned, functional fabrics or “onion forms” are recommended.

2. The Right Warm-up

It is generally important to warm up before exercise. However, during winter outdoor training, the warm-up is of particular importance. You should warm up about 5 minutes before your workout to avoid injury. Light jogging or stretching exercises are well suited.

3. Proper Breathing

If you exercise outside, make sure you breathe through your nose. On the other hand, if you breathe through your mouth, the cold air goes directly to your lungs. This can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and bronchi. When breathing through the nose, the absorption of oxygen is also optimized.

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