Stephen Lukel and Jick Peck Paradox Irwin Rudel in the new hospital building in Mervenbach

Stephen Lukel and Jick Peck Paradox Irwin Rudel in the new hospital building in Mervenbach

News from 02/06/2021

Stefan Leukel and Janik Papp (CDU) make a clear commitment to the planned hospital location in Muschenbach. The new hospital can only succeed from a medical and personnel standpoint through holistic care with all specialist disciplines in one home.

Stefan Leukel, Birgitta Kakerman and Janik Papp in front of the new hospital complex in Musenbach. Photo: Private

Müschenbach. Stefan Lukel and Janik Papp (CDU) are clearly committed to the new hospital building in Muschenbach. After efforts to focus on homes in Altenkirchen and Hachenburg were unsuccessful, the solution found after a long and controversial opinion-making process with the Müschenbach location should be pursued further. For an extensive, good basic supply from Weinrebuch to Altenkirchen and Hatchenburg to Renrod, the location was also classified as being well suited by appropriate expert reports.

?? Westerwaldkäris, the Hüchenberg community and the Müschenbach community discussed and resolved the issues in an impartial partnership with the DRK. Even the issue of land, which was considered to be extremely difficult, was brought to a good end with the active support of local mayor Birgitta Kakerman and the local council ??, Stefan Leukel and Janik Papp in Müschenbach as an on- Was explained on site visit. It has been planned for a long time.

Leukel and Pappy continue: “Local and future-proof health care has special significance in rural areas. This is why we are clearly in favor of the new hospital building in Müschenbach! Future-proof basic medical care is being implemented for the entire region, the North Westerwald district and parts of the Altenkirchen district, with the new hospital building at the Müschenbach location.

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The new hospital can only be successful with one therapy and at the same time personnel can only approach holistic care with all specialist subjects in one home. With the successful acquisition of land by the DRK carrier company, a major milestone has already been reached for the new building in Muschenbach. Unnecessary discussions about the place are not helpful here. Politics should not become such an important subject as health care for citizens of rural areas.

Irvine Rudell started the discussion afresh. He fears that the 100 million project with a 262-bed plan will not only endanger itself in the medium term, but also endanger other clinics in the area due to dual structures. Instead, union politicians recommend finding amicable projects and future solutions with other hospital operators in the immediate area or focus on the renovation of two locations in Altenkirchen and Hachenburg. “I am happy to support the hospital owner here”, emphasized Irwin Rudell in a press release.

With the building in Müschenbach, Stephen Lukel also sees benefits for local general practitioners and specialist care. A good link between in-patient and outpatient care is beneficial for both citizens and doctors and nurses.

In addition, according to Leukel and Pappy, the state is asked to develop a holistic concept, so that future health care will have existing facilities in Westerwaldkeris and neighboring districts Altonkirchan and Neuron in the coming years. Instead of competition and rivalry, cooperation and communication are needed here. ?? The citizens of the region want local and safe health care. For this, everyone from the Ministry will have to contribute through various agencies and local authorities.

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From the ranks of the medical profession and health care system proposed by the CDU district assembly, the permanent networking of local actors in the political arena at the work level can provide a good basis for this. Here it is important to enter into a lasting dialogue between the district and community administration, the statutory health insurance practitioners’ organization (KV), the district medical profession and local hospitals. Measures to ensure medical care can then be discussed across the district, approaches to the solutions developed, and the impact of synergy used at the municipal level. It would also be desirable that neighboring medical faculties, such as the University of Seigen, be won to participate in such networks. Moderation of the work of this network should be initiated by the circle. (PM / LAL)

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