STR808 Squad allows national and international artists to meet

STR808 Squad allows national and international artists to meet
The STR808 squad not only aspires to Swiss rappers like Cinnay and Z the Freshman on their producer album, But artists from abroad can also win for this project.

As you know them, the producer album is a show of cool talent who would otherwise prefer to be in the background and in their studio. In this way, the producers took out a mass rally Internet money Famous partner like last year future, Lil Tekka or Are not To show the chart as the main cast. Metro Bomin assembled the entire American elite “Not all heroes wear hats” And cracked the 100 million stream mark several times under his name. Or swiss end zone, Which performs surround sound with the help of its Berlin New Wave Yin kalle And the company gathers monthly listeners in the hundreds of thousands.


Hence the producer album is not new. But what does he do STR808 class-Very unique? The album brings the world together otherwise rarely come together. The young Baden-based producer collective unites 14 different artists on 12 tracks. These 14 artists come from 4 different countries, the United States, Canada, South Africa and Switzerland. At the same time, four languages ​​are represented: German, English, French and Italian. Not only does it sound exciting, it is also.

So stand Cinnay & Z The Freshman With their raw mesh banger «Smoke Anthem» Directly after Italian speaking artist in tracklist Lee. In the meantime, after the young Friborg 777Christos (Still) placed on unknown American rappers there is no water And Danny farms Is in this type. Now what can be read a little bit is far from being. Because the sound image is equally thanks to the STR808 SQUAD beats. Cloudy, simple and catchy tunes float on a karting 808 carpet that gives each track its drive – it’s an upbeat dream Sherry-ow– Crack or Rough Trap Banger from an American rapper.

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