“Summer Home of the Stars” Collects Shitstorms – Cause of Cez-Monbolizno

"Summer Home of the Stars" Collects Shitstorms - Cause of Cez-Monbolizno

Many viewers think that Mike Seuss-Monbolijn has gone too far in the “summer house”.

Image: RTL

Rabia Eradi

In fact, it will be summed up quickly, the latest episode of the RTL show “Somerhaus der Stars”: The parking game, as always, guaranteed a bad mood between the couples, with tears and pleading “Sweetheart!” Quiz Suspicious details came to light along with personal questions about wives – for example, two reality stars did not know what their mother-in-law was called by first name (namely Mola Adebisi and Roland Heitz). But this year one of the contestants gets completely out of line—and in such an uncomfortable way that many viewers get worried. Twitter Even level allegations against the broadcaster. Anyone who’s seen the first two “Somerhaus” episodes can guess: It’s about Mike Seuss-Monbolijn.

“Summer House of the Stars”: Prior Relationship Between Adebisi and Monblijn in Focus

After the opening episode revealed that Michelle Monblijn had messed with Adebisi several years earlier, the previous connection was in focus again in the second episode.. It was apparently not a problem for Adebisi and Monballijn to stand in front of the camera together. But Mike Seuss-Monbolijn never tired of emphasizing his problem with the fact that his 42-year-old wife actually had a love life before they met in 2020 and married in 2021.

Adebisi testifies to “toxic relationship”

in that Relation Something that seems fundamentally wrong is obvious to many viewers: a toxic relationship can be read in many places, and Adebisi came to the same diagnosis in relation to her ex and her new husband. His partner Adelina Zillai also recorded that there was something wrong with the Monblyjns: “What hurts your soul?”, she asked Sis-Monblyjn in a quiet minute. “I want my partner to notice that I need him”, she replied. And when you asked if he was a believer: “I’m a believer in this sense: I believe in myself incredibly.”

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It was hard to miss: in several suspicious scenes, Cez-Monblijn tells his wife how to behave in the “summer house”. “No, you don’t show yourself in your underwear. Stop provoking me all the time,” he said, when Michelle Monblijn wanted to change in front of the camera. “If I see a picture where you’re wearing underwear, you’re in real trouble,” he threatened his partner. Then he later gave this declaration as an “explanation”: “I don’t share. This cat is mine.”

Five Minutes of Privacy for Michelle Monblijn? No chance: As soon as he sought a moment for himself, his partner felt terrified. “My husband is my priority,” he wanted to hear from her, he insisted repeatedly.

in bad mood "somerhaus": Mike Seuss-Monblijn shoots against Mola Adebisi.

Bad mood in “Summer House”: Mike Seuss-Monblijn shoots against Mola Adebisi.

Image: RTL

Mike Seuss-Monbolijn shoots against Adebasi and Almaclousi

Cees-Monballijn did not want to hear a word about the ex of his partner in the “Summer House” – not even from the other residents. “If you still don’t understand that you got this ban from me – should I be clear?” Sis-Monbolijn asked in a usually uncomfortable whisper. “Mola is a red rag, Klossy is a red rag,” he explained.

Almaclousi finally had to figure out how quickly one wrong word could scare Céz-Monblijn: An absurd and hardly understandable brawl developed between the two, whose origin apparently lay in the fact that the singer jokingly referred to Monbolgins as “nerds”. A truly completely harmless question about the place of residence of the Alamklausii couple caused the cis-monoballijn to explode in full force: “Dude, what kind of question is this? Do we live together?” That Almaclossi would have to refrain from making “sharp remarks”. Future. Then there was a big question mark written not only on the singer’s face, but also on the face of his wife, Marita Krehl.

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“Summer House”: Almaclausie Threatens Legal Controversy

The opaque conflict resulted in threats from Céz-Monblijn against Almaclousi, who in turn threatened a legal battle. While Michelle Monblijn was lying on her lounger as if paralyzed and had not commented on the confused matter, her husband threatened Almaclousi: “Let’s clarify this briefly before you get to know me aside.” May no one here want better.”

In a confidential conversation with his wife, Cees-Monballijn then said of the party singer: “He knew: I am a young lion. And a young lion kills an old lion.”

Pressure, Threats, Jealousy: Viewers were intrigued by Cez-Monblijn’s behavior – and a red line was crossed in entertainment shows.

It remains to be seen whether RTL will react to “Somerhaus” fans’ allegations and interfere with further broadcasts of the episode.

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