SUV driver blows hydrant – and triggers costly flooding

SUV driver blows hydrant - and triggers costly flooding

A drunk driver caused costly water damage to his Cadillac Escalade in Canada.

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A drunk SUV driver left a trail of devastation on his drive. In doing so, it also caused a costly flood.

Burnaby (Canada) – It is well known that alcohol and driving do not go well with each other. Yet, people keep running behind a wheel full of stars. In the worst-case scenario, this kind of drunk driving ends up fatally – unfortunately too often for the onlookers. Happiness can be talked about only when there is material loss. A 62-year-old drunk driver recently had this fate in Canada – although the property damage in his case was lavish. Burnaby The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has now published a video of the 62-year-old’s insane ride in the Cadillac Escalade. . Drunk SUV driver’s dashcam clip should warn against reaching for the bottle before driving, according to reports

The video first shows how the man drives the Escalade in serpentine lines through the night streets – he simply drives on double lane lines. And it becomes wilder and wilder: the SUV follows the excursion into the trenches, with violent shaking. But the driver cannot be stopped from a red light higher than this. Then it explodes: The Escalade thunders over a hydrant. Result: A huge amount of water flows through the destroyed system. And there are consequences: police reported water damage to nearby homes and municipal property worth 34,600 Canadian dollars (equivalent to about 24,200 euros). * is an offer

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