Sylvie Mees on Beauty Intervention: “I Check In Regularly to See What I Need to Customize” | regional

Sylvie Mees on Beauty Intervention: "I Check In Regularly to See What I Need to Customize" |  regional

Beauty is his job.

As a moderator and model, Sylvie Mees (“Love Island”) should always look and style perfect. Does a 44 year old ever have a helping hand?

BILD reveals the secret of her face to a beautiful Hamburg woman.

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Sylvie on Build: “Beauty is not an animal if we recognize it in its diversity and as an individual expression. Beauty has no age and no specific form. For me personally, beauty means good Feeling, radiating confidence. Then I feel beautiful too. I’m 44 now. I love my age and I’m not afraid to grow up.”

And how does she help?

Sylvie confesses: “I use hyaluron filler on my face. On the cheekbones, lips, jawlines (chin-jaw). I want to look naturally beautiful and get natural results. Women should walk in life with confidence. Once or twice a year I see what I still need to adapt to. I’m getting older too, I don’t feel like I did 3 or 4 years ago.”

Sylvie Mees in Conversation with Bild Reporter Stephen Schneider

Photo: Martin Brinkman

Since when does she go to the beauty doctor?

Sylvie: “I experimented with lip filler for the first time in my mid-30s. This is my own decision. I also think it’s cool when someone says I don’t want to do anything. Freedom is always acceptance and tolerance. I believe that even if I do some work, I will age gracefully. I haven’t done anything verbatim yet, but you can never say. It is amazing what is possible today. Everyone must find their way out there.”

And how does she see the world of Instagram, where there is so much cheating?

Sylvie: “We used to only have these great model pics in ‘Vogue’ or ‘Elle.’ Today people like you and me can show each other the world of your dreams. Instagram is an important business tool. But many things don’t match reality. We as parents also have the responsibility to protect our children too.”

Now Sylvie is going on summer vacation – St. Tropez with her son Damian (15). Sylvie laughs: “But I work too. I can’t do without a job…”

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