Symptoms of Skin Cancer: Lumps and Sores! You should pay attention to these warning signs

Symptoms of Skin Cancer: Lumps and Sores!  You should pay attention to these warning signs

Skin cancer is not always easy to identify. That is why it is important to recognize the symptoms early. Warning signs vary depending on size. You should focus on this on your skin.

change in skin from too much sun exposure skin cancer Party. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to certain characteristics that may indicate this type of cancer. Changes often appear in the nose, throat and ears. Depending on the size, these characteristics vary greatly.

Skin cancer symptoms: these signs indicate white skin cancer

One in 50 Germans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, writes German Cancer Society, Talking about skin cancer, a distinction is made between light and black skin cancer. Mild skin cancer is known in technical terms as non-melanotic skin cancer. according to him Cancer Registry Data Center It occurs more frequently in men than in women. Basal cell carcinomas (basliomas) account for three quarters of cases, which are usually not life-threatening. A quarter of the data traces back to squamous cell carcinoma.

Typical for white skin cancer are ulcers, sores or areas of skin that bleed, bruise, crusted and scab, or do not heal very well. The lesion may appear translucent, shiny, pink, pearly white or red. The edges are raised. It often feels bitter. Also, a small, slow-growing, shiny, pink or red lump may indicate this type of skin cancer. “It persists after a few weeks and progresses slowly over months or sometimes years,” writes the National Health Service (NHS). Skin changes often do not improve after four weeks.

You can spot dark skin cancer by these warning signs

A changed mole or new growth may indicate black skin cancer (malignant melanoma). “Normal moles are usually round or oval with a smooth edge and usually do not exceed 6 mm in diameter,” the NHS explains, noting that this is not a sure sign of melanoma. “A healthy mole may be larger than 6 mm in diameter, and a cancerous mole may be smaller than that diameter.”

The ABCDE checklist can be used to differentiate a healthy mole from a malignant melanoma:

Odd: Melanomas often have an irregular shape or two parts.
corner: The edge of malignant melanoma is usually ragged or nicked
colour’s: Two or more colored moles may indicate melanoma.
Diameter: Most melanomas are more than 6 millimeters in diameter.
enlargementBlack: A birthmark that grows over time can indicate black skin cancer.

How to protect yourself from sunburn and skin cancer

Protective measures can reduce the risk of disease. Be careful not to expose yourself to UV light without protection. Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor higher than SPF 30. Special UV protective clothing can also protect. If the UV index is high then sun hat and sunglasses should also be worn at all times. It is also advised not to go out during the afternoon or go to any shady place. You can get sunburned even in the shade.

Important: If you notice any unusual changes or wounds on your skin that are not healing properly, get them checked out by a dermatologist.

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