Taliban attack in Afghanistan: US diplomat hiding in Kabul

Taliban attack in Afghanistan: US diplomat hiding in Kabul

Taliban-aggressor in Afghanistan
US diplomat hiding in Kabul

The Taliban’s rapid advance triggers an apocalyptic mood in Kabul. US embassy staff prepare for the fall of the Afghan capital. According to the Pentagon, Kabul is not in “imminent danger”.

The military success of the radical Islamist Taliban is changing the security situation in Afghanistan faster than expected: after the victory of ductileConcerns are also rising in the Afghan capital, a provincial capital about 120 kilometers southwest of Kabul, that Taliban fighters will advance further.

see with Kabuli’s Imminent Victory The US embassy urged its employees to destroy sensitive material as a precaution. In a note to embassy staff on Friday, a building technician mentioned existing options for burning or disposing of documents and equipment. Accordingly, all items that the Taliban can “misuse” for propaganda must be destroyed.

Examples of material included in memos include the embassy logo or the coat of arms and seals of US officials. The American flag is also mentioned. A US State Department spokesman said the embassy in Kabul was preparing to “disengage”. “Reducing the size of our diplomatic posts follows a standard procedure that aims to reduce our footprint.”

The United States announced on Thursday that it would send about 3,000 troops to Kabul to help US embassy staff leave the country. As Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, the first of the troops has reached Kabul. At the same time, preparations are being made to shift the US Embassy to Kabul Airport if needed. It is clearly easier to defend territory on the outskirts than in case of open warfare.

Since the beginning of the complete withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken control of large parts of the country. In the past eight days, Islamists have captured nearly half of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals, including Kandahar, the second largest city. They were only 50 kilometers from Kabul after they conquered the provincial capital Pul-e-Alam on Friday.

Preparations are also underway in Germany for the event that Kabul is occupied by Islamists. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced the departure of a large portion of German embassy staff in Kabul ahead of the weekend, with other states temporarily closing their diplomatic missions in Kabul altogether.

“we will do Workforce at the German Embassy in Kabul The absolute minimum required operationally over the next few days,” Maas said. The Foreign Office’s crisis team had previously met on the situation in Afghanistan. It announced the immediate “deployment” of a crisis support team to the Afghan capital. The flights” will be brought forward for the diplomatic staff. In addition, the charter flights were also intended to bring Afghan local workers to Germany.

According to the Federal Foreign Office, in Afghanistan, the “general security situation” has recently worsened against the backdrop of fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban. “German citizens on the site are urgently requested to take advantage of opportunities to leave the country soon with scheduled flights.”

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