“Team Wallrafe” Exposes Exploitation, Hate & Scandals

"Team Wallrafe" Exposes Exploitation, Hate & Scandals

Expired groceries, rats, vegetarian bots

Hate, Exploitation and Scandals: “Team Wallraf” Secret Again at Burger King

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“Team Wallraf” Undercover at Burger King

Employee: “They eat every piece of shit”

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“Team Wallrafe” Secretly Researched These Burger King Branches

  • Burger King in Bernau (Berlin)

In 2014, “Team WallRaff” reporter Alexander went undercover at Burger King for the first time. Now the journalist is once again following signs of serious sanitary deficiencies in the Bernau branch near Berlin.

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  • Friesenplatz and Löwenich in Cologne

Burger King’s franchise “F&S Olympia GmbH” has a total of 27 branches throughout Germany, three of which are in Cologne alone. Investigative journalists found many indications of hygiene deficiencies and poor working conditions, especially from fast-food restaurants in Cologne’s Friesenplatz and Löwenich. Undercover reporters Julia and Silen track down the inn and apply for a job in the kitchen.

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“Team Wallraf” also received further letters referring to abuses, particularly from the Munich Burger King branch of the “Schlossberger” franchise, regarding the preparation of vegetarian products. With 112 fast food restaurants, it is the largest Burger King restaurant operator in Germany. Moreover, it is the same franchise that made headlines in 2014 in collaboration with the managing director Ergun Yildiz. Undercover reporter Lee investigates fresh allegations and applies for a kitchen job.

This is how Burger King reacted to the research results

After the undercover operation “Team WallRaff” confronts Burger King with the research results. Company’s response: “After learning of your allegations, we – along with our franchise partners – acted promptly and took appropriate measures. We immediately closed the designated restaurant and conducted an extraordinary, external audit for all 750 Burger King restaurants in Germany which will be completed by the end of September 2022 at the latest.

The burger giant has already apologized and promised improvements after “Team WallRaff” researched it. Will they really be implemented this time? Stay tuned “Team Wallrafe”.


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“Team Wallrafe” from 29 September

Are the working conditions bad everywhere at Burger King? Does the company now have the extreme lack of hygiene that “Team WallRaff” highlighted years ago under control – or does one get the impression that customers continue to eat here at their own risk? And is everything going well with the burger giant’s current vegan campaign?

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See the chilling results of the undercover operation and the fast-food giant’s reaction RTL+ . Online in full episode “Team Wallrafe” from September 29,

“Team Wallrafe”: Podcast

Along with the TV broadcast, a new episode of “Team Wallraf – The Podcast” will also appear on Audio Now and everywhere else where podcasts are. In it, “Team WallRaff” reporter Lee and reporter Alexander talk about their personal experiences during the undercover operation in “Burger King” and things that weren’t seen on TV. They describe how they looked closely at the complaints and what they thought about it.

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