Tearful separation in RTL – and happy ending

Tearful separation in RTL - and happy ending

In the new episode “Bauer Sucht Frau”, many dreams of great happiness in love explode. However, away from the camera there was a happy ending.

When it comes to love “Bauer such Frau” is perhaps the most successful of the German dome shows. Since 2005, presenter Inca Bows has helped many lonely farmers establish relationships. And not only that: more than 30 couples who have appeared on the show have now sworn eternal allegiance to each other in front of the altar.

But in the current episode, instead of swearing in love, baskets kept moving one after the other. For Simmental breeder Michael and his chosen one Jan Hendricks, Agriculture Week also ended in tears. The first openly bisexual farmer in the history of “Bauer Sucht Frau” was “glowed over” by the finance manager at the barn festival and already said to have “truly covered for you”.

Friendship, disappointment and happy ending

While living together on the farm, the two men even kissed – but then Michael’s feelings suddenly turned cold. Farmer revealed, “I’m at the point where I want to say I want to get to know you more in a friendly way, but I can’t even imagine a relationship right now.” Jan Hendricks could not hide his disappointment at the reproach and cried uncontrollably.

Loretta and Sasha also agree on a purely platonic relationship – albeit amicably. When asked about the “emotional state” both found that this is not enough for love. “I think we are on the same level and it is in the case of both of them that there are not too many feelings. At the moment it is really a friendship,” says the master horseman. The tram technician saw things the same way: “I’d be happy if we could keep in touch,” said Sasha.

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The decision was also taken on the North Sea coast. Emily was “skeptical” about whether Bauer might have had more to do with Ted. The sheep farmer of Schleswig-Holstein was very surprised by this news. “I’m disappointed that the spark is no longer up,” he said sadly, but relieved that “we parted on good terms.”

Emily confesses to sheep farmer Tade that she has developed no feelings for him. (Source: RTL)

There was a happy ending away from the cameras. In the first episode of Barn Fest, Farmer Theo turned down two of his applicants – because his luck was really close. After filming, he almost found a like-minded partner in a neighboring farmer, Andrea. She “deals well and it fits emotionally too,” enthuses Farmer.

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