Tesla plans factory for battery production technology in Canada> teslamag.de

Tesla plans factory for battery production technology in Canada> teslamag.de

As he says, for production technology, including cell production at the new Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin, Tesla’s CEO relies heavily on European engineering. In fact, Giga Press from Italian manufacturer Idra Systems and painting robots from Dürer in Germany are installed in the machine park there, and according to information from teslamag.de, German specialist machine maker SoreSig is to be used for the battery hall . Door Delivery Plants. In addition, there may soon be reinforcements for battery production from Canada: according to official information, Tesla is opening a factory there that will manufacture modern production technology for it.

Tesla boosts battery team

Tesla himself and the mayor of Markham, Ontario, both made the announcement this week, though both did not clarify when. Tesla first came up with a video titled “Team for R&D, Shop and Production in Canada”. It was posted with a request to “Join our growing team at Markham,” according to the blog on LinkedIn.

According to the video, there are already two Tesla production facilities in Canada in addition to three research and development sites, but the one in Markham is not one of them. In any case, the city’s mayor only announced its official debut for the future by announcing on Instagram this week that he looks forward to it. To do so, he posted a quote from himself that Ocean Drive Tesla Canada First published this July, he welcomed Tesla’s setting up of a manufacturing facility in Markham.

Canada will have the first factory under the Tesla brand, Meyer said in July, and now again. The “state-of-the-art production technology that is used in the production of batteries at Gigafactories around the world” is manufactured there. Canada’s Tesla video deals with research on batteries as well as the machines for their production (see photo above). Thus, while it is not certain whether work on cell manufacturing equipment for Tesla factories around the world has already begun in Canada, the plan appears to be in effect.

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research and production in canada

According to the information in the video, with a total of 1200 employees, Tesla is also active in research and development and optimization of systems. As part of this, the company acquired Hibar Systems, a battery production specialist in Ontario, in 2019. In addition, the country has a long-standing partnership in research on lithium-ion cells with Dalhousie University, which was recently extended and strengthened with two young successful researchers (one from Germany). Tesla’s own cell production – at the German Gigafactory, but also in the United States – is likely to garner not only a lot of European knowledge, but a lot of potential from Canada as well.

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