Tesla stops on freeway in Canada

Tesla stops on freeway in Canada

aOn a highway in Canada, police stopped a 20-year-old driver who allegedly went to sleep at Tesla at a high speed. Police said Thursday (local time) that the electric car was apparently in a driver assistance program of over 140 kilometers per hour. Both the driver’s and the front passenger’s seats were fully bent and both appeared asleep. When the patrol operates on a blue light, the car automatically accelerates to 150 km / h. 110 kilometers per hour were allowed at the point.

Official Darin Turnbull described the incident on state broadcaster CBC that he had never seen in his life. “I have been with the police for 23 years, most of them are with the traffic police, but I am speechless. No one looked at the windshield to see where the car was going. The system known as “Autopilot” is an advanced driver assistance program, but you have to drive the car yourself. However, contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations, cars can later be manipulated to replace or bypass security systems.

Eventually the car was stopped, police reported a 20-year-old man for driving too fast and withdrew his driver’s license for 24 hours due to fatigue. Following an investigation, he was later charged with dangerous driving. He is to appear in court in December. The incident occurred near Ponoka, Alberta in early July, but has only been made public. A callgirl alerted the police at the time.

In August, Tesla boss Elon Musk spoke candidly about criticism of the “Autopilot” driver assistance program. The term was by no means inaccurate, he told the specialist magazine “Automobile News” at the time. The excitement about it is “silly”. After several fatal accidents, Tesla was accused of using the name to suggest that it was a technology for autonomous driving and not just assistance programs.

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