The controversy over the Committee on the Capitol attack – Republicans cause a scandal

The controversy over the Committee on the Capitol attack - Republicans cause a scandal

Updated July 22, 2021 at 6:17 am.

  • Republican representatives in the body investigating the January 6 Capitol attack have sparked a scandal.
  • Earlier, Chamber of Congress President Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republican candidates.
  • Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy threatened a boycott.

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Despite a new stir around the investigative committee Attack on the Capitol on 6 January US President Joe Biden believes in cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. “But the well has been poisoned so much in the last four years,” said Biden Wednesday evening (local time) in Cincinnati, Ohio. “But I think it all started to move. I don’t mean overnight, don’t get me wrong.” The Democratic president answered questions from citizens at a so-called town hall event on US broadcaster CNN.

Pelosi rejects two Republican candidates

Earlier, the committee in the House of Representatives probing the January 6 attack on the Capitol had been violently disputed. Nancy Pelosic, the chair of the Congressional Chamber, had turned down two Republican candidates for the panel “out of respect for the integrity of the investigation”. Both are considered loyal supporters of the then US President Donald Trump. Congressional Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened that Republicans would boycott the committee.

McCarthy accused Pelosi of a “political game” and an “abuse of power”. After a heated debate on the committee, McCarthy nominated five candidates for the committee on Monday itself. Pelosi, who had to confirm the appointment, dismissed members of Jim Banks, and Jordan is one of the most ardent Trump supporters as a Jim Jordan member. Following his nomination, Banks said that the committee should investigate not only the January 6 attack on the Capitol, but also the “hundreds of violent political conflicts over the past summer” with the Left. -wing extremists”.

Inspired by his presidency, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, where the results of the presidential election were just being verified. The situation escalated further.

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Republican McCarthy threatens to boycott committee

McCarthy said the committee would not participate until Pelosi had accepted all five candidates. “No committee in Congress will function if one person chooses all who can attend,” he told a press conference. committee is considered Background check on the attack on the Capitol. Pendant trump On January 6, he stormed the seat of the US Congress in Washington. Five people, including a policeman, died.

Biden with a clear message

“I don’t care if you think I’m a born-again freak. The fact is you can’t watch TV and say nothing happened on January 6th,” Biden said, referring to conspiracy theories. said. “You can’t listen to people who say it was a peaceful demonstration.” He has hope in the people of America. “We have to put an end to this. What do you tell your grandchildren or your kids about what’s going on here?” asked Biden. The President stressed the importance of cooperation in general. “Democracy has to stand up and show that it can achieve something.”

Biden was also confident about the bipartisan infrastructure package. Senate Democrats lost a crucial test vote on Wednesday to push the law. It’s been six months now to Biden – the infrastructure package being one of his prestige projects. (dpa/ska)

Politicians and celebrities around the world have expressed their shock at the attack by Trump supporters on the Washington Capitol. Trump’s predecessors are also surprised. Many see an attack on democracy. An overview.

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