The “Devilish” trio for Germany: Julian Cherobot from Simon Gnip, Maximilian Glotzl and EC Bad Nauheim went to the U20 World Cup in Canada

The "Devilish" trio for Germany: Julian Cherobot from Simon Gnip, Maximilian Glotzl and EC Bad Nauheim went to the U20 World Cup in Canada

Not even 20 years old – and already highlighted a real career: three professionals serving Simon Bad Nauheim, alongside Simon Gnip, Maximilian Glotzl and Julian Cherbot, want to represent Germany at the U20 World Cup in Canada Huh. Last year, two Cologne licensees were refused.

The world’s best young players for the tournament in the ice hockey homeland: The U20 World Cup in Edmonton, Canada (December 25 to January 5) is a major event in North America – after all, tomorrow’s NHL stars are often on the ice. This is also evident from the fact that the tournament with ten teams is one of the few international events to be held despite the coronovirus epidemic – under high security precautions, boycott of the public and players, referees, observers and the rest of the world in the company The portions dominated the bubble for about three weeks. The German selection will also fly on a charter flight from Zurich to Edmonton.

In the midst of all this, EC Bad wants to become Nauheim’s three promotional license players: defenders Maximilian Glotzl and Simone Gnip, as well as Julian Cherobot, who are looking forward to a DEL performance through a good performance from their home club Kölner High . Contest. The situation is particularly special for Gnyp and Glötzl, who already had the most important championship chances in international junior ice hockey last year, but then were sent home by the national coach on the last day before starting.

We introduce the “satanic” trio to Germany:

EC Bad Nauheim: Maximilian Glotzle – Bad Nauheim to U20 World Cup from the NHL Draft List

Maximilian Glotzle (age 18, 9 games for EC Bad Nauheim): For the Shongou natives, the drama about last year’s U20 World Cup should not repeat itself again. “On the way home, Simon and I swore to each other that we would never do this again,” says Glotzl. “This is an added incentive for me to be included in the final team this year.” And the prospect has certainly not deteriorated: the defender who grew up in EC Paying, who is on the list of European talents this year, stood NHL-draft, but was not picked up, in nine games (4 assists) for Wetherer The class is proven.

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Even for the 1.89-meter-long defender, the U20 World Cup is an “absolute top event” he believes: »If it weren’t for Canada, it wouldn’t have happened at all.” All the better, because the “U20 World. The Cup, along with the Olympics and the Men’s World Cup, is the biggest in our sport – for the three of us it is definitely the highlight of our career so far. “He and his teammates must have worked according to the summer.

EC Bad Nouheim: Julian Cherbot leaves a strong mark in his first year as a professional

Julian Cherobot (19 years, 7 games for EC Bad Nauheim): The Augsburg resident said, “We are going to the World Cup with a good feeling. It makes sense for ECN to give impressive figures of four goals in seven matches. The 1.82-meter-long striker was on his first professional goal and season. Initially the second goalscorer in overtime was lost in the derby against Kassel, after which he followed up another double in a 7–1 win against Heilbronn. “Cooperation with Bad Nauheim is a good thing,” he says – and then Cassell talks about the game: “I was a little surprised when I was going to be made of ice in overtime, but I think it’s good how the coach does it – and it worked. “Left-handed shooter EC Ghar — lives in a shared apartment in the intrepid Weasel with Leon Köhler, Jan Luca Senhen and Glotzl:” who makes everything familiar and at home, “he says – after all, he’s only ready Came to Bad Nauheim to do. »I got on well here, even though professional ice hockey is something completely different, especially tactically. Because I have never trained in Cologne before, it was huge. Didn’t jump, because I was already good at speed. ”

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EC Bad Nouheim: Simon Gnip is already an experienced national player at the age of 19

Simon Gnip (19 years, 50 games for EC Bad Nouheim): The defending district defender knows what it feels like to wear a chile on your chest: He has played in all U-National teams since U16 and in November stood for the “Top Team Beijing” for the German U23 selection. Germany Cup on ice. Nevertheless, they say: »It will be a big event – even if a lot is happening to the audience. It is an honor to be able to play for Germany and compete with the best young players in the world. «He already has experience in international battles: With the U18 team he once earned a place in the top division – and was allowed to do so. Therefore, at that time the captain also got the trophy. “That was crazy,” he recalls.

The 1.80-meter tall defender, who has scored ten points (5 goals / 5 assists) in the EC jersey so far, is in Spa Town for the second year. “The funding license is absolutely positive, here we are funded and get the Ice Age,” says the aspiring left-handed shooter at Bad Nauheim. He has only words of praise for his new coach Hannu Jervenpa: “I like the way he understands ice hockey, how he treats young players with us and how he trusts us. He always wants to make us better and accordingly we are currently in the top position. ”

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