The Jap: New ‘New Age Cult’ trailer shows how a spiritual journey can turn into a terrifying nightmare

The Jap: New 'New Age Cult' trailer shows how a spiritual journey can turn into a terrifying nightmare

Prime Matter and Brass Tokens Are Issuing a New Today A trailer offering a glimpse into the dark side of Pantheism and the unique spiritual mayhem of The Chant – a cosmic third-person single-player horror action-adventure appears on November 3 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

mantra Set on a remote spiritual island, players face cosmic horrors after a group ritual goes horribly wrong, opening a gateway into a dimension of cosmic horrors.
On idyllic and beautiful Glory Island, nothing is as it seems. It says, “Open your mind to a new way of being and be ready to release your inner demons,” but bei mantra You have to be prepared to jump into a non-peaceful dimension for the first time.
Since the 1970s, a cult has been conducting dark rituals that use the collective energy of prisms to open a spiritual portal into darkness.
The goal is to attain spiritual enlightenment and be guided on a deep and liberating journey. However, the truth hides a deeper and more complex story; Chaos unfolds before your eyes and leads you down a terrifying path.
In mantra Players will encounter terrifying creatures and fight using secret weapons and abilities, or they can panic and run away.
The dark truth discovered by the cult will soon be revealed. Are you ready for this awesome spiritual journey?

mantra is a cosmic horror action-adventure developed by Brass Token, published by Prime Matter and coming to Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC on November 3.

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