The most beautiful open world racing game ever

The most beautiful open world racing game ever

Forza Horizon 5 is the fifth installment of Forza Open World Branch Horizon, which will be officially released on November 9. Meanwhile, with the more simulation-heavy Forza Motorsport, Horizon has become the true star of the Forza series; Since the third part, the graphically almost traditionally very atmospheric and elaborately implemented racing game series has also been at home on PC. The game appears in both the Windows Store and Steam, the standard edition goes for 69.99 euros on Virtual Counter, 99.99 euros owners of the premium edition, which, in addition to a few additional starter cars, also has a car pass and two future add-ons in it. There will also be early access, which will allow Forza Horizon 5 to run on November 5th and ahead of the official launch. For prices that don’t sound too cheap, however, the Standard Edition already gives you access to hundreds of vehicles and the largest and most detailed open world that Forza has ever shown. The first test for Forza Horizon 5 is extremely positive, the racing game dusts off one Dream rating after another, with average ratings currently on Metacritic for both xbox- As well as PC version At a remarkable 91 percent. You can read a tested and detailed treatise on the gameplay from our partners at PC Games. As far as the PCGH technology test is concerned, you can look forward to further results and findings during the day and over the weekend – we will update the article constantly!

Forza Horizon 5: Ingredients in Technology Test

Forza Horizon 5 takes you to Mexico, following Australia and Great Britain in third and fourth parts. The new landscape brings a breath of fresh air, both visually and playfully. Mexico is surrounded by two oceans in (sub-)tropical latitudes. However, the climate is very diverse and is determined, among other things, by the influences of two mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Volcano Traversal, as well as the Pacific and the Atlantic. Real Mexico is therefore – depending on the counting method – divided into three to four very diverse climatic zones: the climate in the lowlands is hot and dry. The temperate zone begins with an average elevation of about 800 m, above which is the Tierra Fria, the “cold land”, in which the tree line is also located. The snow line is even higher, with the highest peaks in Mexico exceeding 5,500 meters. Inspired by real models and equipped with countless photogrammetry recordings made on site, the developers have created a total of 11 different biomes, which alternate depending on the climatic conditions. The landscape ranges from tropical beaches with turquoise blue waters to arable land, dry and blooming deserts, forests, valleys, swamps and the city of Guanajuato at about 2,000 meters above sea level. As in real Mexico, the height and proximity of the sea determines, among other things, the amount of precipitation, the temperature, and thus the climate.

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Forza Horizon 5 also features new local weather systems, which can change significantly depending on climate conditions, weather, and associated biomes. For example, you can start a race in the mountains, speed through a drift of thick snow that slowly turns into rain towards the valley, get caught in a sand storm in the dry lowlands, sunbathe, flowers Covered coast and from there among the thickets of hazy rainforest green and Maya ruins fight for their position with AI or other human players. The great variety in the landscape, including the many differences in height that comes through very well, the space and size make Horizon 3 and 4 a first-class impression, with significantly enhanced graphics and an almost insane level of detail and much more . Impressive foresight also contributes.

In Forza Horizon 5 you create your character as usual at the beginning of the game (no longer silent even in cutscenes), which you can customize with different clothing and accessories as the game progresses . An action-packed opening sequence with several wonderfully staged script sequences introduces you to the world of Forza Horizon, interrupted by short films (some are unfortunately pre-calculated rendering sequences and playback at 30 fps is annoying) , you speed up with various speedsters and vehicle classes through different biomes from off-road vehicles to rallies to hypersport to the Horizon Festival site, where you choose your first car. You’ll find tons of other vehicles in the next races, so you’ll soon have a wide range of different speedsters open to you. You can also upgrade and personalize the cars, sometimes using more, sometimes less successful designs from other players or providing your own. There is also a virtual marketplace where you can trade with other players. As in the two predecessors, there are a multitude of different castes and classes to choose from. On top of that, you can use the Event Lab (which you’ll need to unlock first) to create your own races and even your own methods and rules. . The Event Lab in Forza Horizon 5 is new in its scope, according to the developer, the powerful tool offers basically the same possibilities and developer tools that were used by the designers — but in a slightly reduced dimension at launch to accommodate the flooding. Extremely wacky scenarios to avoid in game leaks. Further features and tools are to be activated or added later in consultation with the community.

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Forza Horizon 5: Requirements in Technology Testing

Forza Horizon 5’s requirements are relatively moderate, especially with the minimum and recommended hardware configurations moderate, which isn’t too surprising considering the cross-gen versions of the older Xbox One and even the slower S models. The “ideal” prerequisites are all that, in addition to additional graphics power, graphics memory and CPU performance are also significantly more important, which favor, among other things, increased levels of detail and extremely long range of vision. . In our experience, the “ideal” hardware requirements are suitable for a full, native 4K display that includes maximum detail and 60 fps. For the rest of the configuration, details and/or resolution will have to be reduced for a smoother frame rate, or alternatively the frame rate should be limited to 30 fps. With which you can adjust the relationship between graphics and performance according to your desire and performance of your hardware. When it comes to resolution scaling, the AMD FSR is also available in the usual four quality levels “Ultra Quality”, “Quality”, “Balanced” and “Performance”. However, the missing TAA in Forza Horizon 5 cannot support the spatial upsampling of AMD below. Arms grab, which is why the FSR flickers. However, FSR can be combined with MSAA; In combination with multi-sampling, the result is optically quite useful. However, it may be worthwhile to leave out some details instead of resolution, such as shadows, detail density, volumetric effects or material quality, as upsampling ensures not only a subtle, but a significantly blurred look—it’s precisely crisp presentation. Is Forza’s flagship product.

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Video, graphics and audio settings at a glance

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