The Repair House: Repair & Restoration Sim coming to PC in 2023

The Repair House: Reparatur- & Restaurations-Sim erscheint 2023 für PC

Repairing and restoring items, discovering rare items and antiques, and becoming the ultimate repair shop: it all awaits players repair houseClaudius Kiss’s new game, ancestor of pc building simulator2023 appears via steam for pc,

repair house is a relaxing repair and restoration sim where players experience the joy of discovering old, broken items and restoring them to good condition. As the owner of a repair house, players carefully disassemble each item and replace damaged parts, from industrial antiques and musical instruments to gaming consoles and arcade machines. The individual parts must first be located and then carefully reassembled. Damaged items can be restored and personalized with the help of sandblasting, cleaning or a fresh coat of paint.

Visit auction houses, warehouses, barns and flea markets to find new items, buy or sell them. To make it easier to decide whether to bid on the storage space, it can be inspected remotely in advance. There may be valuable items in there that can be sold for a profit after restoration – or they may be useless junk. Players can customize their workshop, set up new storage and display areas, and level them up to create the ultimate repair home.

“It was a lot of fun using the lessons I learned from my previous games to take the repair genre to the next level”like that Claudius Kiss, founder of Quantum Logic Games, “We know people love to take things apart and fix them. Now we’ve added an element many of you may recognize from TV: discovering hidden gems in barns or storage containers that can be re-purposed.” Refurbished or adjusted. After that, players can decide whether they want to sell the item for profit or proudly display it in their private quarters.

“Because of Claudius’ legacy and his experience in the repair genre, we are very excited to see what’s in store for us.” repair house Be expected”adds up Rob Feather, Product Manager, Fireshine Gamesadd. “The gameplay loop of repairing and restoring items that weigh you down is as engaging as it is satisfying. We are sure that additional features, such as the ability to bid on storage rooms, will further enrich the gaming experience. We can’t wait to bring on more players repair house To show that we are gearing up for next year’s release.”

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