The room there was particularly impressed

The room there was particularly impressed

The Haberge district had the motto “under the ground” on Sundays. The main valley was particularly badly affected by flooding of roads and water in buildings. The flood also spread to places in the northern district. Every minute since 5.30 pm, the Integrated Control Center (ILS) in Schweinfurt received about 70 emergency calls.

The focus was the community of Therese. A positioning center was established at Obertheres fire station, along with a support group for local operations management (UG-EL). Had to do 46 operations here alone.

Lightning strike at Wagenhuser Weg in Untertheres

In addition to the flood operation, shortly before 5.45 pm, there were also reports of a roof fire caused by lightning at the Wagenhauser Weg in Untertheres. Fortunately, what happened here turned out to be relatively harmless. As Commander Tobias Hummer said, lightning struck the upper part of the house. The family members reported the flames which were initially visible. However, inside the roof structure, the plastic parts only burned due to heat evolution. The fire brigade examined the roof area with a thermal imaging camera and was soon able to clarify everything.

The former Bundesstrae 26 was also affected by the flood. The water mass built up in the city, especially through the Obertheres. Here and at Bücher Strae, the force of the water covered the manholes, causing the roads to be completely closed at times. In addition, countless basements and buildings were sometimes up to one and a half meters under water. Firefighters doused the devastation with a floating suction device, submersible pump and water suction device. Many dungeons turned the rain into mud deserts. Equipment was destroyed, plastic heating tanks floated on the water. At least here everything went smoothly. The tanks were kept tight and tests conducted by the fire department showed that the water was not contaminated with oil.

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“The rain gauge in my garden showed 40 liters per square meter and that in just half an hour,” said one affected resident. For him, like many other citizens of Upper Theresa, it was the second major tidal wave in five years. Intermittent flash floods also occurred, but the present event is beyond the scope it has been in the past.

Meyer Schneider talks of a “disaster”

“It’s a catastrophe,” said Mayor Mathias Schneider, describing his impressions. The head of the community himself drew a picture of the situation at some places. A solution for the future can only be discovered when all owners of parcels of land on Riedengraben come together. From there comes a rush of water to the north-west of the village.

The drainage ditches cannot absorb the flood, the fields flood and the dirty brown broth then flows into the residential area. On Sunday, the flood also damaged a small wooden bridge over Riedengraben.

Around 130 fire brigades from Obertheres, Untertheres, Buch, Gadheim-Ottendorf, Greyhausen, Horhausen, Wonfurt, Steinsfeld and Hafurt, as well as from the Stadtfelder Wehr, which were specially equipped for such operations, continued to be used for hours at Obertheres. were in There’s community building yard was also involved in the event.

work continues the next day

Commandant Dominic Miroj was able to shut down the fire brigade only at 1 pm. At least temporarily, because high tide is followed by high tide. “We will still need a full day today to clean our equipment,” the operations chief said on Monday. Miroj also praised everyone involved: “I am proud of my firefighters. It was not a shame to crawl into the deep swamp, everyone helped to the end. The collaboration between the individual fire brigades was also very exemplary.” .

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There were further storms for the fire brigades in the Kennetzgau and Westheim, Heinert, Unterschwapch and Wohno districts. Here too the basement was full and the streets were flooded.

Spfr. Fighting with the masses of Steinsfeld water

This is exactly what happened with Wonfurt and Steinsfeld. In the Wonfurt district, the sports center was also underwater, and a lake landscape formed around it. In Sellershausen, a caller from the ILS reported an alleged tidal wave, which is said to have rolled over the village. As Haffert’s second commander, Julian Weidinger, pointed out, this was not the case. Only in the hiking room was the water an inch high. In addition, a basement was flooded, although the owner of the house himself lent a hand and did not require the help of the fire brigade.

In the main valley, with the exception of Obertheres, fire brigades were in action from Wohnau, Netzgau, Westheim, Eschenau, Unterschwapach, Cellershausen, Dampfach, Wonfurt and Steinsfeld. The Technische Hilfswerk (THW) Haffert also assisted and distributed 500 sandbags to Heinert and Kenetzgau.

Northern District also affected

In the northern district, fire brigades were challenged from Geroldswind, Todtenweisch, Eckertshausen, Drenried, Altenstein, Pffendorf, Ermershausen, Maroldswisch, Fitzendorf, Gemeinfeld, Bergprepach, Hafenprepach and Wassmuthausen. In addition to buildings and side streets under water, Bundesstrae 279 was also flooded here. Maroldswiesch’s commander Andr Grüner reported that the section between Todtenweisch and Pfaffendorf was completely closed to traffic for two hours.

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