The strongest version of the pick-up: Ford Ranger Raptor – Transporter and Lifestyler

The strongest version of the pick-up: Ford Ranger Raptor - Transporter and Lifestyler

Strongest version of pick-up
Ford Ranger Raptor – Vans and Lifestylers

Strictly speaking, the pick-up is a pretty commercial vehicle. But Ford manages to make the new Ranger passionate. And the top model Raptor is even more passionate – with flap exhaust and a three-liter six-cylinder.

Of course, there are busier sales markets for the pick-up than in Germany. Nevertheless, some private and commercial customers value this utility vehicle segment for being able to handle all types of transportation tasks. But pick-ups have always been lifestylers with the potential to attract attention – because they have a strong fan base. After all, many representatives of this class have large eight-cylinder engines under the hood – but these are usually other weight classes, and this is more so in the United States.

Although the Ranger is really a commercial vehicle, it’s long since become a lifestyle: black aluminum looks good.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

But where there’s a lot of fire under the hood, there’s usually a lot of emotion among customers. So it’s probably no coincidence that Ford initially rolled out its latest generation of Ranger (a ton segment) to customers in the Raptor variant. And if the Raptor used to be a dull diesel, the company is now offering the top version (from 79,432 euros) an emotional piece of mechanical engineering. Three liters of displacement from six cylinders is quite the announcement at a time when many people view combustion engines as obsolete models.

So is the Ranger Raptor chronological? Not at all, because despite all the electric euphoria, let’s not forget that petrol testers will still be sold for another 13 years from the current perspective. And why shouldn’t the Ranger be a bit more luxurious than an upgraded engine.

futuristic and classic


The Ford Ranger Raptor can handle even large boulders with ease.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

Now finally on to the Trum, which despite its classic design looks futuristic with a distinctive LED signature (works well for the running boards) and starts its twin-turbo V6. Now listen: It sounds pleasantly sweet soon after starting and the six-pointer might actually even make you snore. Although not a sports car, technicians implanted a flap exhaust system to enable a variety of acoustic developments. A dream for car enthusiasts – in any case, customers who do not have to transport heavy or bulky items will also like to have a Ranger Raptor. Objects up to 1.22 m wide and 1.56 m long can be placed on the platform.

One can only hope that the seven modes (“Normal” to “Sport” or “Sand” to “Baja”) aren’t too many of a good thing and overwhelm drivers. In any case, I let the new Raptor go really fast after going into a gravel pit in “Normal”—admittedly in the most aggressive mode, “Baja.” With a full load on the scree, pick up speed and then up the hill with such a bang that the extremely stable ladder frame construction looks like it easily lifts up a meter and a half, only to gently descend again As if nothing has happened. The Kraxler also lets one or the other of the controlled misfires pop out – much to the delight of the passengers.

climb steep slopes


No gravel road is too steep for the Ford Ranger Raptor.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

What else can Raptor do? Crawling on paths with maximum axle articulation by using off-road vehicle cruise control which you can accomplish with difficulty just by walking. Of course, with two 100 percent locks and terrain reduction, if the first gear of the ten-speed automatic transmission is still not enough. This allows the Ford to climb slopes that are so steep it can make you dizzy even from the bottom if you look up. However, depending on the mode, one axle can be separated for reasons of efficiency – then the Raptor drives with only one drive axle.

With all the concentration that comes with facing such extreme conditions, it’s almost forgotten that the Rangers have actually modernized in the meantime. A giant touchscreen invites you to use it, but also to play. Or just to watch. The fact that Ford has long since steered clear of mechanical displays is well known from other younger models. The inductive charging surface for smartphones should be mentioned, it is practical.


A sophisticated camera system prevents damage in the field.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

The stylishly shaped automatic selector lever should also be mentioned – albeit as an example of the fact that the handle could have been better released here. Although it feels good in the hand, it has two push buttons. The lever, in addition to the one that unlocks it, is also responsible for switching to manual mode. It creates confusion and makes things complicated.

Of course, the usual little helpers, from autonomous brake assistant to lane warning system and blind spot monitoring, can’t pass up on the 2022 Ranger.

wide cylinder selection


Of course, there is a display area in the instrument cluster of the Ranger Raptor.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

If you don’t think you need to run a six-cylinder in a Ranger, you can still get a number of smaller diesels. It starts with 125 kW/170 hp from the two-liter displacement, then comes the four-cylinder, two-liter biturbo – with 151 kW/205 hp and 500 Newton meters of torque, it’s not weak either. But there is also a six-cylinder diesel option – the customer has a wide range to choose from.

And diesel Rangers, which certainly don’t look as good, can transport just as luxuriously as the top model. Unfortunately, the Raptor can only take 2.5 tonnes on the hook – more may be possible here. But without any thought about utility, the powerful double cabin allows you to cruise down the slopes in maximum comfort, even a few hundred kilometers at a time and row the second, where there’s absolutely no shortage of space. There is no shortage.


In extreme situations, the Ranger sometimes picks up a wheel – and thanks to the differential lock, it keeps on going.

(Photo: Patrick Broach/SP-X)

In any case, the looks of passers-by are sure of the owner, but judging by the XXL Ford lettering on the radiator grill, the question of who made it should be redundant. Well, the Ranger itself is XXL with an exterior length of 5.36 metres.

Therefore – fear of contact with expansion partners is not justified if you want to sign a Ranger contract. This is possible from now on with the expectation that deliveries could come as early as the year. And until then, lots of anticipation!

technical specifications

  • One-ton class pick-up, Length: 5.36 m, Width: 2.03 m (2.21 m with ORVMs), Height: 1.93 m, Wheelbase: 3.27 m
  • 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol with direct injection and double turbocharging, 212 kW/288 hp, max torque: 491 Nm at 2,300 rpm, ten-speed automatic (converter), permanent four-wheel drive
  • 0-100km/h: 7.9s, Vmax: 180km/h
  • Average consumption: 13.8 L, CO2 emissions: 315 g/km
  • Prices: from 79,432 Euro
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