The Swiss collect “stanzeli” against Canada

The Swiss collect "stanzeli" against Canada

U20 World Cup – Swiss live without points at the U20 World Cup in Edmonton. Coach Marco Bayer’s team lost 0:10 to defending champions Canada in their third game.

It was to be expected that the Swiss would lose their 24th in the 24th duel against the North Americans in a U20 World Cup. But it was expecting how disappointed they were. However he kept the loss in the first third, though 0: 1 after 90 seconds. After that, despite three penalties and a 72-second double loss, he did not allow any more goals to be won until the first break.

As a result, all the dams broke and goalkeeper Noah Patnayde, who holds a Canadian passport as well as a Swiss, was defeated nine times. It was not because of him that the Swiss lost so much, as he got away with 42 shots.

“We can’t tolerate 0:10 in a World Cup,” captain Simon Cank said bluntly. “It’s an insult.” Marco Bayer said: “We are not used to this level. The difference was huge. We were overwhelmed by the pace of the Canadians, our puck management was not good at all. The result reflects that.” The Canadians competed with the first round draft.

The Swiss must incur an offensive loss to think more than a clear defeat. They managed just seven shots in the first 40 minutes (15 total) against the North Americans and remained 0–1 in the first game against Slovakia, with no goals. Even in six power plays he had hardly any chance. In the 27th minute Joel Salzbeger came close to the goal of honor, but he shot very centrally from an ideal position.

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With five field players in Edmonton, the Swiss have yet to score a goal, a 1–0 (1: 4) goal against Finland in a power play by 17-year-old Atilio Biasa. “Nothing offensive,” Cank said. Discipline and the sport of boxing will also have to be improved, as the Swiss accepted three hit films as they did against Finland.

The Swiss do not have much time to recover from this defeat. Already Thursday night, they meet Germany in an all-and-Ning game. The starting point is clear: As the Germans beat Slovakia 4-3 after extra time, the Swiss need a win after 60 minutes to advance to the quarter-finals. He lost two of three Tests in the summer against DEB selection. This underscores how difficult the task will be. Bayer said, “It’s important to take care of us now. I believe we can win this game.” It is still possible to achieve the minimum goal.


Canada – Switzerland 10: 0 (1: 0, 4: 0, 5: 0)

Edmonton. – SR Garonne / Lawrence (CAN), McKay / Foreststein (CAN). – Goal: 2. Tommasino (Byfield, Quinn) 1-0. 22. Cozens (Parfetti, McMichael / Exclusion Canonica) 2–0. 29. Pelletier (Zari, Byfield) 3–0. 36. Suzuki (Byfield, Newhook / Exclusion Villa) 4: 0. 38 McMichael (Cozens) 5–0. 46. ​​Byfield (Drydale, Suzuki / Exclusion Fiddler) 6–0. 49. Byfield (Quinn, Pelletier) 7–0. 50. Perfetti (Krebs, Newhook) 8-0. 58th Guhle (Korzack, Krebs) 4: 0. 56th Pelletier (Byfield) 10–0. – Penalty: 6 times 2 minutes against Canada, 6 times 2 plus 10 minutes against Switzerland (Salzaber).

Switzerland: Patnaude; Villa, Fiddler; Barragano, Chanton; Guggenheim, Meier; Vouardoux, Pezzullo; Jobin, Salzhaber, Dehler; Fust, canonica, kink; Derungs, Allenspach, Biasca; Hofer, Schlappfer, Marchand.

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Comments: Switzerland without botini (post).

Ranking list:

Group A: 1 Canada 3/9 (29: 3). 2. Finland 2/6 (9: 4). Third Slovakia 3/4 (5: 7). 4. Germany 3/2 (9:24). 5. Switzerland 3/0 (1:15).

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